Usually when I write a post I like to have some sort of depiction, a meme, which conveys the thought I’m trying to express.  However, how does one show the message of this post?  God versus Christ?  How do I depict God or Christ, for that matter, in opposing forces?  Not only would it be impossible but it would broach upon breaking the Commandment regarding images representing either one.  So, I will use words to demonstrate my point.

When you listen to some people discuss the Bible you have to get the image of God bumping heads with Christ!  In fact, you would think the Old Testament, according to them, was God the Father’s part of the Bible while the New Testament was Christ’s.  They would almost have you to believe they were against each other, or Christ came to subdue what the Father meant in the Old.  They see the Father as being hard, forceful and seeking to destroy and Christ the opposite:  soft, patient and rescuing, even rescuing from the Father.  This cannot be anything further from the truth.

If you listen closely to some, you would get the impression whatever God said, or did, on Mt. Sinai was overturned and done away when His son, Christ, appeared some 1,500 years later.  Christ said quite emphatically when challenged about being Beelzebub, that if “Satan’s kingdom was divided it would not stand”.  The same principle would apply to Christ and His Father.  If They were divided, too, in their work, relationship with man, then Their kingdom would not last either.  So, how do we rectify this perception?

We have to believe what the Bible says about God and Christ being “one”.  They are truly two persons, separate and complete entities, but one in purpose, goal and work.  They would never disagree, debate or challenge the other.  Instead each would confirm, show solidarity and have the same intent for us without question.  What One said the Other would have to verify and make credible.  If there seem to be any conflict, contradiction or confusion, it does not rest between them but what is our perception of them.

Take the 10 Commandments.  There is some question as to which one gave it at Mt. Sinai.  The point need not be that serious because if Christ and God are one, would it matter—greatly which one gave it to Moses?  Could and would Christ supersede whatever His Father would do?  It is impossible, for if this could take place it would mean Their kingdom is divided.  Christ could not ever change, do away with the Ten Commandments.  They would stand for eternity because God exists for eternity.  The fact Christ died to show the penalty, demonstrates there could never be any change regarding them.  Surely God could simply just change if it were not good or perfect and we know the Law of God is perfect and good.  Could the problem be in one’s understanding?  It has to be!  Because there is no conflict between God the Father and God the Son.

So, read the Scriptures again and seek cohesion between the two, not disparity.

April 11, 2017