I love Matthew Henry’s quotation and like to share with you,

“He does not say, We must not or we should not, but we cannot serve God and Mammon; we cannot love both (1 Jn. 2:15Jam. 4:4); or hold to both, or hold by both in observance, obedience, attendance, trust, and dependence, for they are contrary the one to the other. God says, “My son, give me thy heart.” Mammon says, “No, give it me.’’ God says, “Be content with such things as ye have.’’ Mammon says, “Grasp at all that ever thou canst. Rem, rem, quocunque modo rem—Money, money; by fair means or by foul, money.’’ God says, “Defraud not, never lie, be honest and just in all thy dealings.’’ Mammon says “Cheat thine own Father, if thou canst gain by it.’’ God says, “Be charitable.’’ Mammon says, “Hold thy own: this giving undoes us all.’’ God says, “Be careful for nothing.’’ Mammon says, “Be careful for everything.’’ God says, “Keep holy thy sabbath-day.’’ Mammon says, “Make use of that day as well as any other for the world.’’ Thus inconsistent are the commands of God and Mammon, so that we cannot serve both. Let us not then halt between God and Baal, but choose ye this day whom ye will serve, and abide by our choice.” – Matthew Henry’s Commentary on Matthew 6.

What caught my eye in this quotation was the last consideration regarding the Sabbath.  How many make the same excuse?  How many refute the claim of God by a man-made theory, “all days are the same”, or, “all days are holy” both of which are lies from the “throne of satan”.  How many wish to involve themselves in their own pleasures such as sporting events or participation, on the Sabbath?  Thinking it answers the need for re-Creation but is merely recreation, which is unlawful.  Oh, how many don’t like the word “unlawful” because it exposes all the things we love to do, so we wish to dismiss it from our vocabulary and “Christian-lifestyle” by the other false belief in something misused called, “Grace”!

Mammon doesn’t imply or mean, “money” but it does mean, “gain”.  It is when you choose to “gain” over what God has determined to be a proper lifestyle.  It’s when we choose “mammon” when we’re not content with what we have been given.  Every day when I open my eyes, I’m thankful and content with the little I have.  Oh sure, there was a time when I had much.  Those of you who have known me during the 70’s through the 80’s can attest this fact.  Then to have everything I own either in a bag or in a prison cell has made me grateful and thankful for the living I have today.  God was trying to get my attention and let me know all the blessings I had was not a result of my efforts—alone, but as a result of His blessing—alone.  Are you content in your life?  It doesn’t have to mean you no longer have any desires to improve, but it means you’re satisfied and blessed because you can make do with what has been given you.

It is when we desire above all we’ve been given, when we will do whatever it takes to get more, and then more, and then more…when does it end?  I can answer the question.  It ends in satisfaction and death.  It ends in ruined relationships especially the one between you and God.  Believe me, it’s not worth it.


February 23, 2015


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