In sharing with a friend, presently, regarding Biblical principles and prophecy, the issue came about homosexuality.  There are many who caught up in the perversion, and their support group who are not facing it in their own lives, but accept the lie they were “born” this way.  It is very similar to the lie taught in fighting addiction when someone “is” an addict, with a “disease” and “will be” the rest of their life BECAUSE they have ALWAYS been an addict even BEFORE the addiction began!  Now, that’s simply ludicrous!!!

God never makes what He cannot save.

We know in Scripture God Himself stated quite clearly there will be no homosexuals in heaven.  For those who think they were “born” that way, good thing God requires us to be “born again”!  And for those who wish to believe addiction is a disease, God stated many times He is able to healing “ALL MANNER OF DISEASE, SICKNESS AND ILLNESS.” So, what do you have that is beyond God’s correcting?

Absolutely NOTHING!

Whenever we tout “God made…” we are setting up God as the “fault” of whatever it is which follows that sentence.  Look at the sentence and you plug in whatever you want, you will see at the end of the thought who will be responsible for whatever has gone wrong with it.  Eve blamed the snake and Adam’s blaming Eve was in fact putting the responsibility on God because the woman “You” gave me…get the point?  God gave us all a clean slate when we got here and we’re the ones who mucked it all up but thankfully we serve a God who is more than able to clean up what we’ve messed up, but to justify sin, disease, or sickness, or perversion is to give an excuse and there can NEVER be an excuse for sin.


November 14, 2016