…involved in everything.  Too many times we think God made us, determined every thing about us, and then leaves us on our own.  This is a mistake.  I woke up almost two hours ago.  He woke me up.  I was able to wake up because He caused every beat of my heart to take place.  He provided the very oxygen which went through my nostrils to my lungs.  When I opened my eyes, He caused all the functions of such a complicated organ to work properly so I was able to see.

When I got up, I was able to move because He strengthened every muscle.  I was able to walk down the stairs, carrying my cat, with arms which work, and playfully spend a moment with a cat He’s involved in her creation, too.  I was able to turn on the switches which powers this laptop so I am able to write what He has instructed me through the various methods of inspiration which is of Him!  My God is truly an awesome God.

He is taking so much care in every single iota of what makes me me and yet He’s doing the same thing, at the same time, with each of you who reads this post!  There is nothing which escapes His view and His intricate involvement.  NOTHING!  In fact, when I exercise my “will” to take this body which has a pulse which He controls and expend the energy to do something outside of His Will, He’s still there observing, controlling and ensuring my safety because He also knows He’s not finished with me, and I’m coming to understand this, too.  Daily, I’m coming to understand what is involved in not only making me, sustaining me, but saving me, too.

And soon, there will come a day when all things have reached the point where He is able to say, “Roy, you are where I can now stop everything about you and allow you to rest and I will come for you and restore you to Myself.”  I’m so looking forward to that day when He comes, whether I live until it happens or resurrected from where I’ve slept, I know today, without any confusion, even in this sin-filled world and existence you and I inhabit, my…

God is.


September 10, 2014


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