It has always amazed me how people will not use, do not think they have to use, their “God Given Brain” when it comes to the matter of religion.  They feel the need to find a crutch or, “Ask Mommy” syndrome in order to proceed with their lives!  Thankfully, I had a strong mother who made it her purpose to teach her sons “how to think”.  How to you use our brains and make decisions for ourselves, EVEN at the expense of being wrong!  I’d rather be wrong thinking I’m right, than to follow the crowd who thinks they’re right and are totally wrong!  Nobody can pay the price, but me, but at least I want to know it is my choice, my decision, my thinking therefore will be my punishment, or happiness, whichever is the result.

Speaking with a brother who wants to send me quotation after quotation regarding what Sis. White says regarding Christmas.  I’m not interested in quotations, but I am interested in what the person thought.  Was still unclear, which makes me uncertain what they believe and I choose to distance myself from those who (1) Can’t think for themselves, (2) Follow the crowd, and (3) Confused as to what position they’ll take.

Now, let me say this here and make it very clear:  I DO believe in Sis. White and her gift.  Let there be no confusion regarding this.  However, let me make this clear, too:  You can only offer a gift, and it still be a gift to someone who doesn’t have one, or does not need it, otherwise, it is not a gift.

I read in my Bible that I should not have an ornamented tree in my abode.  I don’t need someone to tell me it is okay to do so.  I read in my Bible that I should abstain from all pagan holidays and whatever goes along with them, to separate the profane from the true, the good from the evil, and the sacred from the secular.  I don’t need someone else to quench my fire for truth because of their uncertainty, their wanting to still have a little bit of the world, and will utilize everything in order to support their view.  Therefore, the “gift” you so aptly use to support your view, is not a “gift” to me and I can’t use it!

Let me make this clear, too:  What might be wrong for Bro. Roy might not be wrong for you.  There’s no mysticism regarding this.  However, there are some absolutes.  Is it absolutely wrong to participate in anything which is pagan?  Well, there’s no exception to the rule on that one.  I guess with our substituted meat upbringing philosophy, since we cannot enjoy a piece of ham we’ve become comfortable with our “wham” instead.  I can tell you this, and I used to enjoy ham.  While I also enjoyed eating wham, I know the difference and neither taste like the other, and from I later learned, both of them really does me no good, so why bother with any of it!

“Thank you, Lord, for giving me a brain so I can use it to get to know You and what You want me to do.”

December 15, 2015