A thought was given by a video I concluded however the speaker didn’t go into a full elaboration of what the parallel is for us.  He stated how the Israelites, prior to entering into the Promised Land, had to cross over the river Jordan which was at flood levels during this particular time of the year.  In order for them to be able to cross safely God instructed Moses to have the priests bring forth the Ark of the Covenant which contained the Ten Commandments, which is the “covenant” of God for His people for that time.  When the feet of the priests stepped into the water, it stopped flowing and they were able to cross over on dry ground and defeated Jericho which was the entrance into the Promised Land.

How does this parallel with our time today?

Many are talking about entering into the Promised Land, the Kingdom of God, the New Jerusalem or better stated, “Heaven”, and haven’t a clue how to get there.  There is a “river” of immense proportions which will sweep man away downstream because he has chosen to try and cross without listening to what God told Moses and now us.  In order to cross over into the Promised Land, just like the Israelites, we have to bring forth the “Ark of the Covenant”, which continues to contain the Ten Commandments, and with a determination of faith step forward into the conflicting views, debates and plain out disregard for God’s Law in order for us to be able to enter into the “Promised Land” safely and assuredly.

What is the problem for today?

There are many of you who do not believe in God’s Ten Commandments!  You believe it was done away at the cross and you’re no longer obligated to adhere to its principles.  Some minister, parent or teacher told you about a “new” covenant of grace; however, haven’t a clue on how it is utilized properly along with the Ten Commandments.  No one who breaks God’s Law will have access to the New Jerusalem.  Let me say this again and clearly:  If you DO NOT keep the Ten Commandments of God, you can forget about salvation and eternal life.  I cannot say it any clearer than this.

Those who broke God’s Law died in the Wilderness long before they ever got to the Jordan River.  Many of you who will read this post will be guilty of following the same path they took by disregarding God’s Law.  Many of you haven’t a clue what the Ten Commandments even say!  And if this is the case, how could you possibly be spared?  Grace?  No way.  You see, “grace” is given for those who “break” the Ten Commandments and instead of receiving the penalty of death, receive mercy because they’ve repented.  This is called “grace”.  It simply states your sins have been covered over, blotted out as if you hadn’t committed the offense; however, if you do not believe you are obligated to keep God’s Law, then you don’t need to worry about asking for forgiveness because it’s impossible to receive it!

A hard truth?  Yes, it is.  However, it is truth nonetheless.  Now, what will you do with it?


March 13, 2015


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