The Bible is clear in Rev. 12:17 and 19:10, God’s “Remnant”, meaning, “last, only” church would be given the “Spirit of Prophecy”.  This cannot be refuted.  While making my study of the early remnant church movement, I can now see the proper place and what it was they had to go up against and the disbelief many had regarding the “gift”.

Before going on, I need to make a statement and be quite frank:  Certainly there will be many who will tout:  “Christ said, ‘there are many of My people which are not of this fold.’”  This is absolutely correct.  However, He DID NOT SAY that there were many “churches” which were not of this fold!  He meant “people”, not whole churches or denominations, but “people” who He would call “out” from their present place of fellowship into the fellowship of the Remnant Church.

In 1844 when God began pouring out His spirit upon a group of people who would be tasked with the formation of the “Remnant Church” He gave them the “Spirit of Prophecy”.  Others mocked this gift and still others created their own version(s) which are still apparent today.  Now, when I share with you Truth understand it is not given in condemnation but in constructive criticism.  So, if this is currently where you are in your beliefs, then I’m AM speaking directly to you for some type of action to take place.

In my early years I came into contact with the “Pentecostal” movement to which I will share their version of what they deem “spiritual gifts”.  In one instance, a woman who supposedly had the “gift of prophecy” would often “have a word”, from God, upon someone’s life.  In my case, an unsolicited “prophecy” was told me I would “have to forget everything previously taught me and God would have a work for me to do.”  She was wrong!  God has greatly used me WITH what I have been taught and thankfully was to recognize she hadn’t had any gift at all!  Secondly, I witnessed people falling onto the floor, some speaking gibberish claiming it to be the gift of “speaking in tongues”, and other such nonsense.  Yes, the enemy is alive and well and has perpetuated his own version of “gifts” in Christian groups.

When God gave the gift of tongues is was because there was a great need to reach people and there were no higher schools of learning where linguistics was made available so a “gift” became necessary and was fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost.  The gift of “healing” was more so apparent because there wasn’t university hospitals and other places of healing as we have today.  How can it be a “gift” when God has blessed through greater knowledge of achievement and we have places where those talented in specific areas of linguistics and medicine can be taught how to better utilize their gift.  Have a headache?  Take an aspirin!

While God’s Remnant Church would be given the “gift of prophecy” there would be those churches who’d try their own hand in gaining accreditation by following in the same method however the Spirit of God would not be a participant.  Yes, there are those “spirit-filled” churches where people feel something but I can assure you, it is NOT what you might have hoped it to be.  Are they commandment-keepers?  If not, you don’t have the “spirit of prophecy” within the four walls of your place of worship and what is being worship is not God but the enemy of God who has devised counterfeit methods to entrap and deceive many.  The Bible makes it clear satan would do just this, yet many will not want to hear this message.

Joel’s prophecy already accomplished in the “last days” which were the time of the Apostles who knew and considered their time as being the “last days”.  Some think we’re in the “last days” which was something totally different than the Apostles.  Is it possible the “last days” begun and is now ending and not something separate but within this same time frame?  Could not Joel’s prophecy began with what took place during the Day of Pentecost and have further reached fulfillment in the gift given to Mrs. Ellen G. White?  Is it still necessary to be given any gift if there is a satisfaction in what God has determined?  For example, you cannot give me a “gift” of a car when I already have one.  It is not a “gift” to give me a house when I already have a house.  A “gift” is something you didn’t have but now you do have.  So, is it necessary for anyone to be given any further gift if what we have is sufficient?  Why look for more than what we’ve been given?

It seems to me the ONLY manifestation we haven’t seen yet is the “outpouring” of His Spirit which is considered the “latter rain”.  I believe this will take place during the Sunday Legislation and be quite evident when the Time of “Jacob’s Trouble” is apparent.  Then and only then will those who have been affected by these types of messages will be fully convinced they’re not truly following God although their heart is pure and hadn’t seen the light fully developed but are catching glimpses today.  These are the ones who will “come out of Babylon” into the Remnant Church, but as for now, the Remnant Church needs some work done to prepare to receive them.


March 2, 2015


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