Just over two years ago, I got involved in Facebook “groups”.  I hadn’t heard anything about them previously, so, why not, take a chance and see what they’re all about.  I had just opened the door when someone who had been involved was closing his proverbial door with this message, “I got to get out of these SDA groups.  There is so much fighting, debating and disagreement.  This cannot be right!”  As naïve as I was, at the time, I responded to him, “I don’t know what has discouraged you but I can tell you, God’s Church, is standing firm.”  Well, two years later, I see it both ways now.  And in lieu of what our church is undergoing, since yesterday, I decided to title this post in honor of the “General Conference”, “General Confusion”!

(Now, I’m not speaking regarding “groups” per se, because I got out of them over a year ago, but I’m mostly concerned with the posts and comments made of Adventists.)

I had to take a moment to play a song from 1971 by the Temptations called, “Ball of Confusion”.  The song specifically mentions the “world” as being confused, but I’m here to tell you today, forget the world, they were not going to be saved anyway.  It is the church, of God, which is “confused” so the song is more apt for us than the world.  I’ll post its link at the bottom of this message.

From my earliest recollection of church, the beginning of the 60’s, the conflict which seemed to be in vogue at that time was whether women should have their head covered or not?  Now, the question is whether women can be the “head” or not!  In fifty years this is the progress we have made!  I recently saw a website called “sdaakinship” where homosexuals can find acceptance because the “general” church won’t accept them.  The issue about whether we should wear jewelry inclusive of wedding bands was pretty much concluded except now we see “conference” ministers ascending the pulpit waving their bands of gold in our faces.  So, it makes me wonder if we’re really “Adventist” or a “mockery” of what they used to stand for.

I saw someone’s post who stated having studied “Greek” and “Hebrew” in order to understand more fully…well, none of the studying will make you Greek or Hebrew, so your understanding will be flawed because our church pioneers didn’t study either and spoke English and since this is the language we should be fluent in yet we cannot understand the simple testimony of those who began this magnificent faith to which we belong!  Makes me say, no, shout aloud, “Do you not believe in the Spirit of Prophecy anymore?  Have you given up the Testimonies?” If you have, you might as well turn in your credentials at the door this coming Sabbath and join hands with nominal churches on Sunday because not only do you look like them but you are beginning to sound like them, too!

I stopped attending church because I was becoming confused.  Hearing so many different beliefs and counter-beliefs and all from the same people who confessed being in the same church!  It had nothing to do primarily with the lack of real preaching from the churches I attend in the Philippines, with the real preachers having four churches, so whoever is available can “perform” on those Sabbaths, which have been old women reading whatever they read the week before having some particular interest to them, or some youth given an opportunity to speak, but this is not preaching, nor teaching or learning applicable and pertinent lessons which we need for these awesome and urgent times.

So, I’ve been concentrating on reading ALL of the Spirit of Prophecy writings.  Listening to YouTube presentations of men I respect in ministry giving scholarly messages which coincide with the reading to firm up my beliefs in our great church, and then bombarded with the nonsense of people justifying their lustful and errant beliefs, should I say it?  Yes, I will:  “In the name of the Lord!”  Had we learned and knew the truth, what is being discussed this General Con”fusion” Conference should not have been necessary.

I’m told when Christ comes He will be separating the “goats from the sheep”.  Most think the goats represent the world.  I don’t think it will be necessary for them to be separated because they know who they are and will rightly go after the one who has been leading them.  It is within the church, and I’m not speaking regarding the nominal (Sunday-keeping) churches, for they generally will go ahead and stand with the goats except for the few who did “Come out of her, My people”.  I’m speaking to those who have thought themselves “sheep” all these many years.  The ones who have sounded like sheep.  Looked like sheep, and even ate the same food with the rest of the sheep, but who are really “goats” who will have a difficult time in accepting they were goats all along.  Yes, it will be a difficult day for them.  They were so confused!

I’m reminded what took place BEFORE Pentecost.  How all the confusion had to be stopped, even for just a moment so God could do something for them which would, just for that moment end their confusion, so they could be worthwhile to do something for those waiting in the street with a message of salvation.  There are people waiting for our message of salvation, but, we can’t seem to get out to them because we’re too busy dealing with our brand of confusion.  Well, at least keep it inside, where it belongs.

Those who KNOW they are Adventist.  Who KNOW they believe in the Spirit of Prophecy and Testimonies.  They who KNOW and have put off all semblance of the world, let them have their say because THIS is what the world need to correct the confusion they’re having.  Let’s make them strong so they’re not thwarted by the confusion of those supposedly within the body of Christ who are having their moment of absolute confusion!

July 3, 2015


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