Probably like most of you, I am getting my updates regarding the session via Facebook.  I was a bit surprised by one particular person’s post reporting the three previous “black” vice presidents are no longer serving.  And she describes the matter as, “They’re (white people) peeing on us and calling it rain!”  I’ve heard this comment before, taken from the movie, “Avatar”.  However, one childhood friend responded which made the most sense said, “We keep on trusting Him! It’s not about man. God still is…….”

Exactly, my friend, it is NOT about us but about God and He’s still running His church.

Personally, I would not care if the General Conference staff are all Black, White or Asian, even Latino.  What difference would it make?  This is not a local government which many feel there should be representation based upon the percentage of people’s races living within districts.  This is God’s Church!  And when we begin to see it any other than what it is, then it no longer remain God’s Church but our own and God help us when and if this ever occurs.

The problem, as I see it, is this individual’s thinking all around as she is also a proponent of “Women’s Ordination”.  With this kind of thinking no doubt other thoughts would be swayed in terms of other topics.  No doubt her view regarding homosexuality might be off-base, too!  However, we must forge ahead of our own personal biases when it comes to God’s Church and not become like the rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram (Num 16:1-KJV).  We all remember what happened to them.  We also need to check our attitude and see if we are of the “mixed multitude” which came along with the Israelites deciding Egypt was too devastated by the God of Israel and figured it would be best to join up with the enemy than oppose them.  They didn’t make it either to the Promise Land, having died off in the Wilderness.

Our Church, God’s Remnant Church, should be about principle which are God-given, not man-based.  If we’re looking for a king, to be like the other nations (governments), stop looking for a “Saul” but keep your eyes focus on the King who has been leading us all along.  He is at the helm of this great church and knows what is best for it despite whatever we may think!

Now, on to more significant and important topics…


July 7, 2015


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