Perhaps the most difficulty any had ever had to deal with was leaving their fondness for Judaism and converting to Christianity.  The same difficulty they experienced will be asked and found to be similar for many of you to convert from nominal Christians to that of true Adventists.  For those of you who accept and believe and await the second coming of Christ are truly “Adventist”, but now, you must come all the way and like the Jews becoming Christians, you will be asked to become “Sabbath-keeping” Adventists.

Perhaps the greatest example of such would be in a familiar apostle named Paul.  The same devoutness he carried forth as a Jew maintained him in his journey as a Christian.  That which his whole genealogy was had to change.  He would be the one asked to change and the same will be asked of you.  Will you be willing to change?  Will you be willing to accept the total truth?  Will you be willing to give up many years of your former training and teaching?  Your many years having worked, following in the footsteps of your parents and their parents before them, to come to a fullness of the truth, of which your current belief is merely a shadow.  Will you?

There is no question regarding your love, faith and acceptance of Christ.  No one is doubting this.  I have read your posts and find them commendable.  I have seen your defense of the Gospel, and it makes me smile, but there is one thing lacking, and like Christ asking the rich young ruler, “Sell what you have and come follow Me” is now being asked of you.  Are you willing to sell all that you have known and believed and accept the truth which your Bible teach but you have not understood?  Or, will you go away sadly because you have much and could not think about giving it up?  It is my hope, and God’s, you will do exactly this.

While you may have known the issue and believe you have an understanding regarding the Sabbath/Sunday question, the truth of the matter is, as you continue entering into your places of worship, on Sunday, you have not fully achieved the goal God is setting before you.  It will be one of the most difficult decisions you will have had to make.  It will be an acknowledgment all you have ever done and believed was not true, and this is very difficult to accept.  Many of your friends and family members will reject you because they will reject your decision.  The same occurred to the Disciples and you are being asked to do no different.  They gave their all to follow Christ, will you?

I remember how it felt the first time I went to worship services, on Sunday, as a re-committed believer to the Missionary Baptist church there in Wappinger Falls, New York, the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church.  Then, later, I remember how it felt the first time I began to worship at the Be-thel Church of God in Christ in Beacon, New York.  I remember giving up truth and accepting the deception because I strove for something different, but the uneasiness I experienced was too great and I could not give up what I knew to be truth no matter the benefits, the acclamations and the desire to be there.  So, the journey began ended up with me coming back home to that which I know is Bible truth, the seventh day Sabbath of the Lord, who has commanded I keep it regardless of anything else shown me.  And, I have.  Now, it is your turn.

You will soon see events transpiring on your news channel and in your newspapers.  You will see how they will take this “Climate Change” lie and make it into an issue of faith and how we must return to God in order to save our world.  You will begin to see how laws will be changed and how the right to worship and free-will thinking will begin to be legislated, and all will be required to worship not the “god” of your choice but the “god” of Roman Catholic’s making, “Sunday worship”.  Many of you do this today and are comfortable with it because you don’t know any better and have accepted it because it has been all you know.  But, now you will learn of something different and the words you are reading, right now, which came from this man’s laptop will ring true in your ears and you will remember what I have said is now coming true.  What will you do then?  Will you see prophecy in the making and then be willing to give up your legislated Sunday-worship and join the true worship of God’s people in keeping the seventh day Sabbath, Saturday, even at the risk of employment, family and friends?  We have to do this because we are committed to Christ and what Christ asked the young ruler, we will gladly give up all things to follows Him, even at the expense of our lives.

You won’t be asked to give up your life, as long as you are living in the way which is pleasing to man and man’s church, but those of us who are in keeping with the Commandments of God will be asked to forfeit our lives, and we will do it.

Take note.  All what you have read is not too far in the near future.

Be willing to change and accept the “present truth” Gospel for our “present time”.


May 3, 2016