The thought occurred as to what happened just a few short hours ago when many of us either struggled about what was right, and another issue became, or should have been:  will my “sin”, because that’s what it is, become “private” or “public”? when it came to watching the Cavs and Warriors battle it out on the Sabbath, the most SACRED time of God, and there is no doubt about this, especially for Seventh Day Adventist.

Now, there is no doubt, regardless of where you grew up or where you fellowshipped, especially during the late 50’s into the 70’s, we ALL heard the same message, sat in the same pews, practically can admit having the same parenting, regardless of actual mothers and fathers, and for certain grandparents, and for evidence of this fact, when many were privileged to have walked on the hallowed grounds of either Mount Vernon Academy or Pine Forge, later at Oakwood College, now University, there is a fellowship, a camaraderie not experienced in, and I dare say, in another church in the world because there IS no other church in the world which can be compared to the Seventh Day Adventist Church, God’s “remnant” church for these last days.  Am I right or wrong?

Now, I found it interesting out of the same mold, we have from conference presidents to federal felons and everything in between, yet, YET, I say, there can be NO EXCUSE by claiming we didn’t know.  We can say, we don’t “want” to know, but the fact remains, we do.  There was nothing wrong with how we were brought up.  There was nothing wrong with the messages we heard.  There was nothing wrong upon which we can place our opinion which should be the catalyst which moves us beyond doing what is correct.

While, I believe, many of us struggle with temptation and rightfully we should, being who we are, we do not have the right to consider ourselves witnesses of this great faith and yet come away with some sort of perverted thinking we don’t want to be seen as hypocritical so we’ll go ahead and put that glass of wine on the ledge, or snap photo of the game score on our timelines, and then think, “Yeah, I did it!”  Yes, you did, but to whom?  No, better stated, to Whom?  Satan knew what he was doing when he got it into the basketball conference’s minds to host a game in the city of many of our births, who happen to be sport lovers, knowing if he could get us so involved in this, where might it lead, and where might others be led because of us?

Whoever of us struggled and loss, you will be given a second chance.  However, know this, there will come that time when Christ will stand and pronounce:  “He that is unrighteous, be unrighteous still…” and I surely hope when He says it, at that time when He does, I’m not one of the ones He is referring to when that phrase is spoken.


June 11, 2016