As I am reading documents, from the 1800’s to early 1900’s, in an attempt to learn what early pioneers of my faith accomplished during the days when religious liberty was being undermined and threatened, it makes me uneasy to think about what might be going on, today, which is not reported and won’t be reported until it is too late to have an active voice in repealing legislation which countermand my belief.  I mean, consider this, how many of you even bother to watch the news and when you do, it’s local or regional?  How many of you really knows what is going on in the hallowed halls of the senate or congress?  How many of you even care?

While it is no secret Sunday Legislation WILL take place the only question remain is WHEN.  However the case, the worse time to learn a hurricane is coming is when you’re already feeling the gusts of wind.  How many of you get your up-to-date news reports based upon the posts of people on your “Friend’s List”!  And you trust them?  Jesus made it clear when He said, “How can a thief possibly break in and steal from a strong man unless he has bound him first?”  And in another place He warned against “sleeping”, not literal sleep for this we must all do, but He warned against the lack of attention surrounding events which will have clear and apparent danger upon ourselves.  We may not be able to stop them but it sure helps to be aware of them so our preparation for action is put into place.

I learned several years ago because of relationships I’ve formed with others in various countries the news I heard, let’s say, in China, was what was given me from a United States’ perspective.  Yet, when I asked my friends in China I learned a totally different account which helped me to form a better opinion.  There is no doubt, better informed goes to make better decisions, but how many of us who have been made aware of these things which are coming, by the Spirit of Prophecy, wait to be spoon-fed by others without our taking our own effort and using our own brain in order to see and gauge exactly where we are regarding the imminent conflict?  Sadly, I believe the number is low.

Now, this is important and it may come across crass and disrespectful, but carefully consider my point:  Even, right now, it is the Sabbath here in this part of the world and soon to be in others, where churches are opened and many are being lulled to sleep by comforting messages and not the warnings we should be receiving!  Then the question is possibly asked, “What warning?”  Case closed.  I’ve made my point.  We have to stop having the “Grasshopper Mentality” and think we are not able to learn anything, not able to rise up against the enemy, and then find ourselves dying in the wilderness all because we were afraid to go forward as God commanded.

Each one of you who calls yourself an Adventist, no, a “Seventh Day” Adventist, should pay close attention to whatever news resources you have available and help inform others.  Too many posts are being posted about food, non-relative items, videos of little value and just plain stupid stuff.  When something is going on in the world, such as in Nepal for example, CNN had “Breaking News” alerts and whatever regular programming being shown was cut.  This is what is needed on our social networks.  Somebody has got to have some “Breaking News” they can share with others less informed.  We live in a big world, but today’s technology can surely be used for more important topics.

Jesus warned Jerusalem forty years before it would be destroyed.  The Gentile Christians got the message, saw the warning and left two years before the event took place.  Not one of them were lost, but the Jewish Christians got caught.



May 23, 2015


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