I came across this quotation while having my morning’s devotions today, “But if you have decided to cut all connection with us as a people, I have one request to make, for your own sake as well as for Christ’s sake: keep away from our people, do not visit them and talk your doubts and darkness among them. Satan is full of exultant joy that you have stepped from beneath the banner of Jesus Christ, and stand under his banner. He sees in you one he can make a valuable agent to build up his kingdom. You are taking the very course I expected you would take if you yielded to temptation.” (Selected Messages, Book 2, Chapter 18.  An Appeal to D. M. Canright)

My response to reading this was simply, “Wow”.  Wow.  Here are strong words actually telling someone to “keep away from our people.”  Not only for the sake of the people but also for Christ’s sake!  Let me share with you why this has a particular meaning, for me.

Since being asked and becoming one of the administrators for various Seventh Day Adventist groups, the largest on Facebook, I have had to do something which has not made me feel good, quite unpleasant, at times.  I have even been accused of being quick to delete memberships, standing in the way of denying people access and witnessed to and for a while it had caused me pain.  In fact, I sought counsel from one of the conference presidents, with whom I grew up, and his words were simply this, “Your grandparents would be proud.”  They, my grandparents, were strong in the faith.  They knew what it was to leave other denominations, both of them different, to join together in finding Adventism and then standing not only against their familiar and original belief, but that who would cause problems and confusion in their new faith.  They never wavered for a moment.  Well, they’re gone now however their legacy now rests in me.

Reading Ezekiel’s book and his message regarding the distinction of clean versus unclean, the sacred versus profane, and the use of the word “watchmen” has been made personal.  There is a reason why some are called to be “shepherds” for a shepherd not only guides the flock to water and grazing but he watches over a vast throng of sheep for those who have infiltrated the flock to cause them harm.  My duty has not been so much as to keep the Mormons, Muslims and Jehovah’s Witnesses away because it is quite easy to see who they are but it is those who continue to masquerade as Adventists who are the more dangerous ones!  Oh yes, I’m speaking about those who are associated with the Layman’s Movement, the Shepherd’s Rods, and the Davidians, believers of the Lunar Sabbaths and others.  And it is to these individuals when I discover them, I have just a word with them, not giving them a chance to respond and with some consternation, but not anymore, I then exercise the power of removing them from the group so they cannot spread their misguided, misconceived confusion among those who come under the responsibility of this shepherd.

This “shaking” is very real for these are individuals who’ve been shaken from true Adventism and will have you think they’re presenting the straight word and we’re the ones who have been shook out of the fold!  Like Israel of old, the Korahs, Dathans and Abirams who argued and wanted to question the leadership of Moses and Aaron, the “General Conference” of their time are trying to do the same thing in our time by spreading their nonsense against the General Conference of our time.  Oh, sure, Moses had his issues and God had to deal with him just as our General Conference has their issues and God will deal with them, but God never left Moses and He will never leave the leadership He has placed over our church, but it is a woeful matter as per those who wish to denigrate our leaders and then try to poison our church with falsehoods and deceptions and I WILL NOT HAVE IT!

So, quoting the words of Peter, “do not think it strange” when you’re involved in a heated discussion with one of these and all of a sudden their names become first a different color and later their name disappears altogether along with their nonsense.  I’m merely exercising the counsel Mrs. White has given by taking the step to separate some from further contaminating the flock and in the word of Christ, getting rid of some goats.  To use poetic license, too, about the wheat and tares, well, I’m “tearing” away those who don’t believe and belong with the wheat.


December 1, 2014


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