While the meme I’ve chosen to use for this sobering post is humorous, the concept of what will be presented won’t be.

No doubt many of you, whether your drive or walk, have had the “po-po” to come up on you. Today in American, haven’t heard much of anything since Trump was elected, regarding shootings of Blacks. However, this is minimal in terms what others face and what the majority of Sabbath-keeping Christians will have to undergo shortly.

I know what it is to run, drive and hide from the police. Sometimes I got away, sometimes I didn’t. Sometimes it would take years before they caught up with me, sometimes less. The point is, many of us are too comfortable especially in the United States and have no clue what it means to get up and get away. I can remember one time “fleeing and eluding” a police car only to find out it was my brother who was in uniform, that day, along with his canine. When he caught up to me, I was certainly glad to see it was my brother; however, I was a bit shocked, but couldn’t show it, when he introduced me to his dog. I was thankful it was a bomb-sniffing dog and not drugs because I had hid my stash on my person, but you can rest assured I was doing as much hemming and hawing as I could to prevent discovery.

So many of us are disturbed about what is happening with this new administration just over a week old and my goodness, what will you do when the hard stuff begins? It is easy to sit back and say, “The Lord will provide” but will you be able to deal with the provisions given? I’ve never seen poverty as I have seen it in this country and others I’ve traveled. Many here would love to eat and sleep in what we call slums in America. In fact, I thought I had it bad as a drug addict when living in the streets in New York, Cleveland, Puerto Rico, Atlanta and Philly. Coming here, I can see where being a drug addict is worse. Too many ways to get shelter and food on the shores of the U.S.A. This does not happen even in Metro Manila.

Dark days are coming and what seems to absorb much of our time is watching the new series of our favorite television programming this coming March. Some are drooling now and can’t wait to see the Super Bowl whenever they broadcast it. Sitting around in friend’s homes or in restaurants with big screens, ovens filled with good smelling food, good drink, and good company. So much comfort. Nobody thinks about those living in the Sudan, Syria and many other impoverish nations and war-torn countries. Oh, but one day, we will. When asked in the ghetto of California how was it during the recent recession? Their response was, no different than any other day because it is always a recession living in the ‘hood.

Some of you don’t even know how to take the bus or train! Wouldn’t even think of having to walk to work. My drug addiction taught me how to walk five hours, beginning at 3AM so I could get to work on time because I spent all my money on drugs. I know what it is to walk in the bitter winter without proper shoes or clothing, and no food. Stealing from the lunchroom when people weren’t looking, just so I could have the strength to walk back and do it all over again the next day until payday, for that one day I can do a little better, but two days later, there I was again repeating the same process again. Bragging? No, just training for what will come later provided the good Lord allows me to live that long. I joke when I tell people when and if I am caught and sent to prison, for me, they’ll probably have “home-coming signs and banners” because, well, been there and done that—more than once. Bragging? No. Being prepared.

Folks we’re in for some exciting times ahead, and that very soon. We need to seriously examine ourselves and get mentally ready, spiritually ready and emotionally ready to say good-bye to loved ones and friends because these very ones will be the ones turning you in. I was thinking today when the time comes and there is no “buying or selling” as by the Scriptures. When that day comes and you’re still buying and selling that should be enough of a hint to let you know what side of the fence you’re on. That’s why I have to keep my eye on some of you because you’ll be the very ones snitching and pointing out where I fled and my method of being elusive.

The fact you’re reading this on Facebook has already set you up to be detected and later apprehended. We should draw closer to our impoverished brothers and sisters in Africa, Middle East and Asia, and South America, so we can learn something about survival. Don’t talk to me about you know how to survive when you have medical insurance, cabinets full of food and credit cards galore and will be working this coming Monday.

Dark and difficult days are ahead. Better get your game-plan together and I’m not talking about for Super Bowl Sunday.


January 29, 2017