With the recent news regarding this aforementioned church’s effort resulting in: 10 baptisms, plus 2 professions of faith resulted from the first “Surge” series along with a pastor who is attempting to encourage his Sunday-keeping church to follow suit, the last chapter remains to be written.  In fact, what is occurring in this Seventh Day Adventist movement is no different than what satan is attempting to do with the Roman Catholic Church in their effort to re(capture) their own, too!

As I understand it and correct me if I am wrong, this whole concept of Surge began for two reasons:  (1) to provide a venue for those not being able to attend Sabbath worship services during it’s regularly and God-mandated time, and (2) to make a valiant attempt at providing a venue for those Sunday-keeping Christians and expose them to Sabbath Truth as a form of witnessing.  So, the results previously mentioned would seem to provide justification for the movement and perhaps cause other churches to get caught up in the swell.

The Roman Catholic Church has done the same thing!  For those who are not able to attend regular Sunday Mass, another “holy” service was provided on Saturday evening.  The thought was, if it could be approved, the sunset to sunset Biblical belief, it technically would constitute holding the Mass on the same day; however, at a different time.  What’s to prevent them from extending it later to Friday or Monday, therefore minimizing the so-called “Lord’s day” significance?  The same could be said for this “Surge” movement.  What is to prevent SDA’s from “minimizing” the true “Sabbath” significance?

You DO NOT accommodate people in their sin.  There is something wrong when an Adventist cannot attend regular Sabbath service.  There is something wrong when the standard is lowered in order to witness to those who do not know the Truth.  When’s the last time you heard a synagogue was opened on Sunday for any type of service no matter the justification?  I haven’t.  Again, as stated before and I will continue stating, the ‘last chapter’ of this movement has yet to be written.

Those who are in the health profession, who’s schedule makes it nearly impossible to attend regular church services on Sabbath morning should be looked upon similarly what Christ did, on the Sabbath, while here.  Healing the sick was part of the Sabbath experience and because one does not occupy a seat in the pew is irrelevant.  With modern technology being as it is, it is not difficult to “view” the service which was missed still gaining one’s Sabbath blessing and needn’t be relegated to attending a so-called Sabbath-keeping church service on Sunday!  The eleven o’clock hour service is part and parcel of the Sabbath-keeping experience.  It cannot be copied, duplicated or transferred nor should it be!  I have no problem stating as according to Lev. 23:3 and Exo. 31:12-17, God’s promising to be with His people during this most awesome time cannot be copied, duplicated or transferred to Sunday and nor should it be!  If in fact, God IS attending the corporate services on Sunday, then the relevance of Sabbath is done away.  He cannot be a-party to this nor should we think He is for the sake of witnessing.  God has called His people to “come out of them”, not to “join with them” or “appear as them” or “accommodate them” as according to Rev. 18:4.

This “Surge” movement reminds me of the time when Israel left with non-Israelites, known as the “mixed multitude”.  It was the influence of the mixed multitude which those who left headed for the Promised Land to never have the opportunity of stepping one foot in that land and I fear the same result will be our own.  My friends, our grandparents, and some parents alive today, would NEVER have countenanced nor agreed with what is being actuated today.  No wonder the song, “Gimme dat ol’ time Religion” was sung with such relish.  It had meaning for them and most definitely it should have meaning for us, but I’m afraid we’ve lost the lyrics of the song.

May 2, 2015


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