I’m reminded of a king who had a dream, Daniel 2, and although it was important to the king, he couldn’t remember it. So, he called his supposed wise-guys for help and they were not able to provide a single iota of understanding; however, God always have a person prepared and given all the information about what is taking place, whose duty it is to present the information, which may come as a warning, but nonetheless, God does not leave anyone without recourse as long as they are willing to avail themselves of the proper understanding.

We’re in a situation today, not unlike Noah’s time. The people were just going mad! Sin has a way of justifying itself although it cannot be explained. People’s natures begin to change and become accepting of whatever it is which makes me, or others, feel good, or want, then as long as they don’t bother me, is fine. This is a pathetic viewpoint to have.

Nobody was given information, except Noah, and he had the market, but it required people to come to him to hear it, understand it and then act upon it. We know the story. They saw it was the truth when it was too late.

God has a church for these last days who have been given the last day message of warning to the world. God has not given this message to everybody or to every church, but only one. And like Noah’s time, in order for all the mess to begin to make sense of what is happening, this “church” has the responsibility to present the warning message, without fail, without watering it down and without fear. Now, I’m sure they talked about Noah like a dog until someone felt that first drop of rain on their forehead.

Many will run to and fro seeking for understanding and short of that will find many who will attempt to explain what is happening using the excuse “love” as a form of cover to justify what they think “love” is. Nobody wants to see love as being a painful experience, but it is. How many have spoken harshly, or even spanked their children, not in anger or hatred, but in love? Why? Simply because you loved them and you want to see them do better and not fall into worse situations, which ultimately causes you pain, too.

Why cannot people see God as a Father who corrects and punishes His people, too? Why can’t they see Jesus as overturning tables and calling people outside their names? It’s all recorded in the same Book you confess to read and understand. What part did you overlook?

Some of us who belong to that church God has given the last day message will give you exactly that: the last day message. Now, you can call me a dog, palliate yourselves with platitudes which make you feel better despite what you hear and know as truth, but I can tell you a familiar phrase which you might not like to hear although you have heard it before: “It won’t be water but fire next time.”

And, then it will be too late!

PS. God gave those party-goers in Taiwan a little taste of the fire. You want yours?

June 29, 2015


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