Many of us want to do better than we are doing but we have fear of being punished, by God, it keeps us from achieving the success we so direly want.  Sadly, we see God as that strict parent who is more apt to punish us than help us, when the reverse is so much truer.  God is more willing and wanting to help us than to give us the rod of correction and we need to realize this and stop fearing punishment and accept the hand of relief He is extending to us, right now.

How many times have you battled a particular sin?  How many times have you thought you had gotten rid of it, yet in time, it popped up again, bringing along guilt, pain, frustration, disappointment and even more so the questioning of your faith?  How many times you have prayed asking God to help you, but not to the extent He would have to do it because you are fearful of the pain?  That fear is just equitable of the fear of being punished so in the end nothing gets done.

Sin is like a weed.  No matter how beautiful the dandelion appears when it reaches the surface it is a reminder of the sin which lies deep below the surface.  It does nothing when we remove the flower because it will spring back just when you thought your lawn should be totally beautiful.  Running a lawn mower, no matter how powerful will not do the job.

When we use one of those implements which help to remove the portion which surrounds the dandelion, we feel good again about the appearance of our lawn (lives), and yet, once again it will make its appearance and the disappointment returns thinking we had done a good job and yet here is that sin again, seemingly even stronger in appearance and we are often compelled to give up.

We need to ask the Father to reach in those places where we cannot see.  He knows the very origin of our sin and although removing it will cost us some discomfort, whatever we have to go through is much better than the continual pulling and digging, and later to have the weed cast into the furnace because if you thought punishment was painful, what would you say about eternal damnation?

We cannot fear the very One who can help us.  We have to learn to trust Him.  Sure, we say it all the time we trust God.  We even sing hymns, “Trust and Obey”, but the truth of the matter is, we don’t!  We really do not trust God to do what He does best because we think we have to do it and we don’t.  We’re only told to do one thing, “submit”.  Submission is not an easy thing to do, but I can tell you this, my friends, once you have submitted your situation to God and then let Him do what nobody else can do, believe me, you will then achieve the goal of having that beautiful lawn (life) and others will be pleased to spend quality time with you.


April 14, 2016