The other day I wrote a post and a brother complained and thought it “ranting” because I didn’t have within the post any Bible text!  However, this is the same brother, had I placed a text within, he would have complained I didn’t understand the text!  So, what would be the point?

Too many people have what I’m going to refer to as a “Fast Food Religion”.  Oh, I’m sure you can relate!  Think about it.  Most want something—quick, to fill whatever longing they having for food.  It is so much easier to hop into the car, not even go inside the restaurant or even read the menu because we’ve been there so many times we know exactly what we want.  We drive away munching on worthless calories, no nutrition and after a satisfying burp think we are filled and happy, when we are wasting and haven’t a clue what we have dined upon.

The same applies to our lives as Christians.  You have those who believe they are dining well and exclusively on the best, but they’re no better than the ones who hopped to IHOP, or Mc’D’s or feel they are royalty for having stopped at Burger King.  They have all the translations.  They may have read it once or twice, but still stumble over the simplest of meanings.  One friend put it quite graphically, they accept the “eroded” belief of others and digest upon it thinking they have the truth!  They don’t bother to take the time, which cooking requires, which studying requires, in order to have the truth, a good meal, upon which is full of nutrition and spiritual well-being.

I am so thankful and grateful, not only do I have my trusted Bible, but I also have commentaries and the Spirit of Prophecy writings given to God’s last day, “remnant” church.  I’m able to use a dictionary and concordance.  I have available the writings of those who led out in this great Movement so I don’t have to uncover the ground which they have traversed and can begin where they left off.  I dine sufficiently, each day, upon the solid meat of the Word.  I drink the water of knowledge to fulfill any longing and sit back upon the desserts of truth.  The meal is hot and comforting.  It heals every pain and weakness.  Whatever need I have it fulfills—completely.  What is so wonderful about this truth/meal, not only is it filling but fulfilling and rich, I am able to give to others because I am supplied with more than enough and the joy I have is I don’t have to go after seeking from others.

Now, that, my friends, is some good eating.

Have a bite!


March 30, 2017