There were two types of young men during the time I was growing up.  There was those young men who lied and the second group of young men were the ones who lied best.  I think I was in the second group.  I made it my goal to utilize my eloquence, my gift of writing poetry, letters, whatever it took to get me into a girl’s pan—er-heart!  For many of us it hasn’t stopped even though we need to take a dosage of Viagra at this point of our lives.  Old habits die hard.

But, the lies we told would have just remained lies except for the person it was intended?  It may have taken persuasive words, but unless there is a willing heart, those words mean nothing.  Suggestive words need an open target.  How many of you young ladies can and will admit to having been a target?  A receptive target.  How many of you heard, “I love you”, coming from ambitious men whose only ambition was to get another notch on his belt or bedposts?  You don’t have to raise your hand, or in this case, your voice.  Many of you walk around, today, with the scars of your pain and evidence of your being conned, and many will try to put salve on that nine month bundle of evidence by saying, “He/she is a gift of God!”

Now, such is true in real life, such becomes true in this war being waged in the realm of Christianity.  False love pervades and destroys just as destructive as it was growing up as a rambunctious kid unable to deal with their hormones.

When someone wants to tell the truth regarding life’s ills, such as homosexuality, Sunday versus Sabbath or present truth, we’re often the target of this “false love” mess(age) by hearing, “Just speak about the ‘love’ of Christ, brother!”  How can one separate truth, even the hardest reality of truth from the “love of Christ”?  It goes hand-in-hand, because love means being able to tell the truth no matter how difficult it might react on the hearer’s ears.  The “love of Christ” is not a phrase or reality which equates to, “Just go ahead and live as you please and think you are because Christ loves you anyway.”  What foolishness!  Is this why many will be destroyed because of “Christ’s love”?  If the Bible states He would have us all to be saved, then how can you equate this verse with the fact many, no, most will be destroyed at the brightness of His coming?

The “love of Christ” should not be applied similarly to the “lies of love” being told to young girls.  Young?  I mean, “women”.  Women continually fall, too.  No one likes their feelings hurt, but if it lends toward a positive experience, a lesson learned, then it was worth it.  When we speak words of truth, there is love mingled with the message because we truly don’t want anyone to be lost, and the pain you might feel is proportional to the sin you enjoy.  Yes, of course, it is going to hurt.  It “SHOULD” hurt.  Anything which becomes so much a part of us will hurt as it is being removed from our lives.  It explains why the Bible equivocates plucking eyes and cutting off hands because it is so much a part of us, it means giving up a part of us to reach salvation.

While salvation is truly a “gift”, it does come with something we must do, too.  If someone presents us with a gift, it means our lifting a hand or hands in order to receive the gift.  This is the work involved in receiving gifts.  We have to participate, too.  In order for me to receive the “gift” of salvation, it requires my “work” in order to receive it, accept it and then keep it as the cherished gift it is.  I need to fight to preserve it otherwise it can be gotten, stolen or lost.  It might mean having to go through some ugly experiences in order to maintain it.  It might mean hearing some hurtful things because I have it by others who do not understand it or are envious of what I have.  Sometimes, it means ignoring others because they won’t share mine or theirs with me.  For those who heard and fell victim of the “lies of love” told them by deceiving young man, or girl, who aren’t exempt, and paying the price of nine months and at least eighteen more years, perhaps a whole lifetime, this gift I’m talking about coming is genuine and true love will endure not only this lifetime but for eternity.

Go with the “true” love and leave the “false”, misleading, unreasonable love behind.  It is not worth it.

June 3, 2017