A sister-friend of mine recently posted an article she found, by a credible source, informing the public of the ability of those who are wanting to monitor your activity because of what you “share” (post) on Facebook.  She has a plausible concern.  Most people DO NOT like the idea whatever they hold dear and personal being placed in an open forum but the truth of the matter is this:  ANYTHING you SAY, DO is being captured and stored somewhere for future reference.  Christians know this truth:  Satan is not able to read your mind although he is able to hear your audible prayer and is the greatest detector of the senses, better than a lie-detector, for monitoring your respiration, heart-rate and other biometric indicators.

If you’re like me and I imagine most are, whether laptop, mobile or tablet, the first thing you do upon waking is to turn on some gadget and check what you might’ve received over the night and these gadgets stay on throughout the day.  In fact, it is even advisable to leave such devices as your laptop on for updates.  Who turns off their mobile during the night?  Well, I do because nobody is going to call me, but some of you who’ve given up owning a landline keep your phone running because it is the only method for family, friends and employer to be in contact with you.  Even when you have gotten to the job, office-workers, how many of you immediately log into your various social network accounts, for some, it is germane to your work.  We’re “wired” into the world and the world is “wired” into us without the proverbial “wire” those of us coming up in the 50’s through 80’s are familiar.  The “wire” went out the door when digital systems came onboard.

If you’re a fan of shows featuring technology, you “think” what you see is fictional?  Fans of Star Trek have now seen the “flip” communicator devices become a reality.  Want to really know the whereabouts of your children, give them that prized responsibility of carrying a mobile utilizing GPS technology so you’re made aware of their location.  Want to know what your child or spouse, for that matter, is viewing on their laptop, “screen-shots” and “keystroke” records are easily made available.  Take it from someone who has been through the system because of technology, I can tell you there is little which is not known which can be used “against” you in a court of law.  You’d be surprise of how much you’ve forgotten until it is thrown in your face by a prosecutor!

We have been warned by the Spirit of Prophecy writings about a time when we’re told to evacuate the cities and move to urban places.  Some have achieved this goal already; however, you’ve taken the devices which informs where you are, what you are doing and any communication you may have with those you’ve left behind.  When the Waldensians were living in the mountain crevices, they weren’t being discovered because there was no mobile technology.  There were no overhead satellite systems able to pinpoint by facial recognition.  There was no DNA database available for leftover refuse because they drank from a can of soda, thrown a piece of paper on the ground, to leave a biometric trail leading to where they were stashed away.

Our biological footprint is so large, it doesn’t take long to find out where you’ve been, where you are and probably where you’re going!  We’ve become so predictable because it has become habitual our lives and “yes” many of the things you have said will be used against you whether you “think” you’ve not said anything improper or not.  I’ve seen how they, the government, can twist words, change context and because it’s the system we’ve set up, you’re not able to say not one word for your own defense.  The foolishness of those who have taken to copying/pasting a blurb warning against any government infiltration of using anything you’ve said or posted not being authorized is worthless!

The point?

For many of us, stop trying to hide when it is already known what, where and how you’re doing.  You’re like a crack-head trying to hide himself from being discovered while peeking through the drapes thinking nobody can see the movement.  Learn to accept life goes on no matter who is privy to your privates.  For my fifteen years of crack addiction living in a life of paranoia, I refuse to continue living in that paranoia without the benefit of the drug!

Post and be happy.  Chat and be content because my Bible tells me when and if I am ever brought before those officials I will be given the words to say.  Now, let’s be clear, those words will not excuse nor necessarily go to defend your actions inasmuch as they’re being spoken to convict the person who is getting ready to already sentenced you to a determined sentence.  You’re going wherever they want you to go.  Isn’t this what Jesus told Peter?  About how one day he will “dress” himself and be “carried” to where he didn’t necessarily want to go?  But, he, Peter and us, Facebook or not, should count it all joy when we’re able to suffer for the One who we represent.

Now, excuse me while I prepare my next post which might be used against me!


March 28, 2015


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