I can remember, as a child, having my questions or my need to share my thoughts and receiving guidance and counsel from those God placed in my path.  From school teachers and principals, to Sabbath School teachers to ministers; but there are those persons, who come to mind, which made a deeper impression and are responsible for having formed the very fabric of who I am.  Not to discount the role of parents, but I’m talking about other folk.  Several come to mind:  my Uncle Mylas, my Aunt Nora Lee, Pastors Mimms, Cleveland, Brooks, Brogden, Jackson, Ward, Parker and Elders Robinson, Britton, Battle, Bulgin, Fulford.  Women such as Sis. Robinson, Harris, Lawrence, Mathias, and a host of others in varying capacities were given me, by God, to produce the man I am today.  And it is with fond memories and respect I look back and thank God, and them, for their right leadership and direction. However, most of them are either gone on or not present in my walk and the reason why is simply this, will someone, one day, say the same about me!

Those persons mentioned, although we do not think about it, but were in their 30’s and 40’s at the time of such influence in our lives.  For us, my peers and associates, we’re now exceeding those years, and it is us who now carry such molding influence in the lives of others who look up to us, whether we know it or not, and we are molding and forming the fabric of their lives and my question is:  Are we doing as effective a job as those before us? Do we even realize the gift given us, by God, in sharing right information, truth and responses which come in many forms?

I sit here throughout my day and get young people who don’t know me, will never meet me on this side of Heaven, asking me questions regarding doctrine, about their reading and their thinking.  They are asking because they see me as I saw others, and I take the opportunity given me very seriously to share with them the same what was shared to me, experience.  There is no better teacher than experience.  It is not something which is learned in a book, although having read them is a part of it.  Education is not experience but it is a part of it.  Having lived life and combining education and books and everything else is a part of the greater experience and this is what a younger person want to know.  They are wanting to get ahead of their own issues and concerns and it is our duty to impart to them what brought us over our own issues and concerns at that time.  They want to glean, to take away from us what we should so willingly give to them ways to circumvent, overcome challenges so they’re able to use us as springboards to spring further ahead than ourselves and this is fine, for we used those ahead of us.  And it is our duty to help them and smile as we see them progress and it is because of our lifting them up so they could see further than where we have been lifted.

It is why I am thankful to be alive today.  It is a pleasure, for me, to have been given this experience, which is mine and nobody can take it away, because no one has what I have, what you have, and when God send that young(er) mind in our direction, let us take the necessary time, to sit, explain, pray, share and counsel so they’re able to get down the road we’ve traveled more efficiently and effectively because it will be their time to do as we have done, and perhaps, just perhaps, someone will have nice words to say about us and our experience as it becomes theirs.


February 18, 2016