We as Christians tend to use our “experience” as the basis for keeping ourselves established in error!  A lot of this is based also upon our “lack” of reading the Scriptures.  A question I usually ask a church when given the opportunity of preaching is this:  “How many of you sitting here today, having been members of this great church have not read the Bible at least once, from cover-to-cover?”  I’ll pose the question to those of you who are reading this post:  “How many of you who call yourselves, ‘Christian”, who go about witnessing, therefore purporting to have something to share with someone, have not read the Scriptures at least once, from cover-to-cover?”

This next question is for those who call themselves, “Adventists”:  How many of you can admit to having read “The Great Controversy” and/or the “Desire of Ages” and have not read the Bible at least once, from cover-to-cover?”  What could possibly be the excuse for anyone who has at least one year in any faith not having read God’s Word, at least once, from cover-to-cover?

Some will probably ask at this point, “Bro. Roy, what is the point?”  It is this, many arguments and debates would be quelled if people would only read the Bible and THEN have something to say, or ask, AFTER reading the Bible, at least once, from cover-to-cover.  Many people who post questions to the various groups I never approve asking them this question:  “Have you read the Bible, from cover-to-cover?”  I’ve yet to find one who has!  That’s the reason for the question!!!  I had a professor who through the course never answered one question!  His response would be, “It’s in the Book!”  He was absolutely right.

My friends, you cannot go by your experience or the experience of others.  YOU MUST READ THE BIBLE FOR YOURSELVES!  How many of you would receive a letter from a loved one and proceed to skip pages of the letter while reading it?  Not one of you, so why do you think you can “skip” pages of God’s Word, His love letter to you, and THINK to understand all the meaning He has for you in context?  You cannot get it until you have read both, the love letter and God’s Word, first, at least once, from cover-to-cover.

One person’s experience is the result of this whole mess.  It was her “experience” which brought a piece of fruit to her husband, which is the cause of the pain and suffering we’re having today!  So, to be quite frank and honest with you, when in discussing something with me, I’m not really interested in your “experience” but knowing only one thing first:  “have you read the Bible, at least once, from cover-to-cover?”  If not, get back to me after you have.  I’ll be interested in hearing about your experience once this task has been completed.


August 4, 2014


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