…Who Jesus is.

It’s the lyrics from an old favorite written by Andrae Crouch.  I used the song when I was on the air (radio) in New York for a couple of years.  It was a song which touched my heart, so I will post the link for those who are able can hear it for themselves.

A friend, an “old” friend posted something pertaining to “resistance, prayer and fasting” regarding President Trump’s first 100 days in office.  There seems to be such an interest in it, especially those who are looking at temporal and not spiritual matters.  I attempted to bring the “spiritual” and “prophetic” information but it was “kindly” removed.  He wrote explaining and I mentioned that it was fine.  I recognized my mistake because what I wrote was not in the context of the post.  He and I have agreed to talk, again, at some future time.

Everybody’s got to know…what is getting ready to take place.  One of the most intriguing messages I understood as I began studying as a young child was in that day, in THAT DAY before Christ appears in the clouds, we’re going to have some very difficult times.  There will be two groups of people:  (1) Those who knew and followed God, and (2) Those who thought they knew and followed God, but learned too late, they did not!  And it is that second group which will go to the first group and begin accusing them, pointing fingers and chastising them, asking, “Why didn’t you tell us?  If you knew all of this, why did you keep it to yourself?”

I don’t keep it to myself.  Why?  Because, “Everybody’s Got to Know” before Jesus comes what is going to take place on this planet.  You see, too many have their focus on the hope this is NOT the time predicted in Scripture.  They don’t want it to be THIS time because of what they have heard and know what is to take place.  This will not be a happy planet to be on.  There will be so much suffering, death, illness and pain.  Both sides will suffer but those who suffer most are the ones which have no hope.  The ones which really didn’t know, or if they did they rejected the message and even before their fate is pronounced from the lips of the “would be” Savior, they hear the words instead, “I never knew you.”  No one wants to ever hear those four words, at least, not coming from His mouth.

We, as Christians, who know the time in which we are living have to take whatever opportunity to warn our love ones, no matter the situation or circumstance, and use whatever available moment to, well, let them know who Jesus really is and what “time” it is in which we are living and to let them know we don’t have as much time as we might think we do.  I’m reminded of the “alter calls” in church and how the ministers, even I who once ministered, would make an impassioned plea to have someone to come forward and take their stand for God.  It was always welcomed when someone did and it was hurtful for when no one did because it would seem the message fell on ears, and hearts, which just could not bring themselves to get up from their seats and make their way toward the front.  And those words, “As the doors of the church are closing…” such will be the entrance into the heavenly kingdom.  They, too, will be closing and those who don’t take this moment, this opportunity, this second to make their stand can never make it when they thought they would have an opportunity to do so, for they passed the opportunity given for them.

What a very sad day it will be, to look back at them and to see the look in their eye recognizing the suffering they are now experience and the joy they could have had was just within their grasp, but they never took hold of it.

Everybody will know but not everybody will accept.  What will you do today?

April 29, 2017