In my morning’s devotion, I came across this quotation, “She was perfectly happy in her Eden home by her husband’s side; but, like restless modern Eves, she was flattered that there was a higher sphere than that which God had assigned her. But in attempting to climb higher than her original position, she fell far below it. This will most assuredly be the result with the Eves of the present generation if they neglect to cheerfully take up their daily life duties in accordance with God’s plan.”

In only a few places to other’s posts have I made any comment regarding this controversial issue which is now confronting God’s Remnant Church.  I need to make it clear, at one time, I was for this to take place; however, after much consideration, listening to both sides, I cannot see how this would be any plan of God other than that of the enemy to cause a rift within the body.

I will offer this statement, which I’ve learned over the years, and having had more than one wife, at a time, which form the basis of my belief, “a woman is perfectly satisfied in following a man, ‘if’ the man leads and leads well.” I learned not too long ago, too, in a presentation at church regarding the nature of women they’re more drawn to being in a “secured” situation than even the acquirement of love.  The fact a woman would even seek to be in a leading position which traditionally has been held by men is the result of two situations:  (1) The man has failed to lead adequately, or (2) She has the inordinate desire to supersede, both of which is a problem and should never have happened in the church.

I’ve also learned this as a result of many years reading Scripture, God has set a law in place where everything we need to know has already occurred somewhere in the Bible.  All we need to do is read and accept the lesson it provides.  Now, the message I would have regarding the men who are siding with the issue to permit women’s ordination, which may come across as hard, but I make no apology is this:  (1) Either you have not read your Bible and came away with truth, or (2) Just as she is so strong to want this, you are just as weak in permitting!

There has to be an order.  There was an order in heaven and so should it be on Earth.  The fact we’re involved in this mess of sin is the result of a created being who chose not to adhere to the established order, which created havoc in the Heavens, has moved this tactic, this strategy to disrupt Heaven on Earth, the Church, with the same argument.  Sadly, we’ve fallen victim.  While our focus should be on issues of salvation, it is now on the issue of gender.  While conference leaders think they’re making strides, they’re causing strife.  What was peacefully apparent fifty years ago is now apparent and disruptive and should not be.

There are positions women are more than suitable for ministry than men, but it is not in the position of pastoring although she may assist.  While this issue may cause disruption, it will be only for a while.  As part of the “shaking” of God’s church, those who needn’t be in the church will soon be outside and we need to accept this is only a cleansing and many of us are dirty.

Let the cleaning begin.


October 28, 2014


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