This particular text offers so much comfort while at the same time it demonstrates those who would not know they could be comforted, would consider themselves comforted yet are so entangled!

“Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.” Col 2:8 (KJV)

The text in context is speaking about a relationship with Christ.  It speaks about standing, with Christ, no matter what the world will say, what our family will say, no matter what the enemy does say.  I’m thinking of my two cats, both came into my home as kittens.  One was a stray, or so I assumed, and I coerced her to enter my home with food.  She has not sought to leave.  Oh, I can open the same door and she’ll venture out, but not too far before she’ll come running back in even announcing she’s back.  The other was too small to walk and I carried him in.  I can open the door and he’ll venture to the threshold but will not leave the safety of what he knows is home.  Some would say they are “kept”, “entangled” because they’re not free but yet they are.  I know of this, too, because one time I was “kept”, “entangled” in the legal system.  I was free from substance abuse but not free to leave until they let me out.

Our lives are the same way.  We listen to what others have told us regarding this upcoming holiday.  Many of us are taught by the media, what we saw on television as children, grounded within us by our parenting and because of what we receive—inwardly, it didn’t matter if we were good or not because no child has ever answered Santa, “I was bad all year” wanting whatever was in his bag of presents.  And as adults we haven’t changed much because we are still looking into that bag wondering what will be our gift, like spoiled children having been fooled by the lies, the traditions of what man has told us, following after the whole world whose base is founded upon this deceit, and finishing what the text says, “…and not after Christ.”

To use a King James Version word, I “marvel” when I see Adventist more specifically and Christians more generally so “entangled” in the deceit, philosophy and traditions, the rudiments and claim it is of Christ when it is not! Would you be interested in knowing what a “rudiment” is in biological terms?  It means:  “an undeveloped or immature part or organ, especially a structure in an embryo or larva that will develop into an organ, limb, etc.”  So, based upon this definition there is hope.  There is hope one day you will fully develop and mature in to the Christian God intended you and you will no longer be entangled!

I’m so glad when this season comes, I no longer go through whatever it is you go through.  It is a day which comes and goes, just like today, tomorrow and next week.  Thank God, I am no longer entangled.


December 22, 2015