I read this quote, this morning, as I’m doing my devotional reading/studying: “Our work is to enlighten the world; for it is blind to the movements which are taking place, preparing the way for the plagues which God will permit to come upon the world. God’s faithful watchmen must give the warning. . . . ” and my thoughts are these:

  1. How many who call themselves Christians, and are, yet have no idea of what is occurring right in front of their eyes in terms of prophecy!
  2. Many are not able to perceive what is happening because their minds are clogged with the day-to-day activities, forgetting God will provide and,
  3. Something which is personal because I haven’t gotten the victory–yet, but clogged minds are due to improper diet, which clouds the minds, which prevents clarity in prophecy, which results in death, which is unfortunate because it could have been avoided, simply!

Oh, sure, I know, many will say God has made all things to be eaten. See, you can’t even understand how this comes from a clouded mind of reasoning inability! No wonder you cannot see how prophecy is becoming evident, how they act as “mile markers” on an interstate which either indicates how close you are to your destination, but in truth, should tell us how far we are away. It’s time we who call ourselves, “Christian” to get it together, and since it was “my” devotional reading this morning, it must mean God is speaking to me, too!


July 21, 2014


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