When you study the Sanctuary Service and fully understand what takes place, a larger application of what takes place in our time begins to be illumined.  It is most important to study what took place then in order to understand what is taking place now.  I wrote a post some time ago showing how most of the Christian world are stuck in the “outer court” failing to get through even to the first compartment never mind the most important of work which takes place.  Let me explain:  the majority of people believe when Christ died for our sins that is the Gospel, nothing more was needed to be done, but they’ve missed the point totally!  There are four sections of the whole.  The “Outer Court”, the “Holy Place” and the “Most Holy Place” and the “Wilderness”.  Christ dying for our stead takes place in the “Outer Court”.  This is the first, the beginning, and if this is where your faith ends, you will face utter disappointment.

Currently, we are in the time where the Atonement is taking place, in the Most Holy Place.  This work began Oct. 22, 1844, according to Bible prophecy.  During this time, the people in the earthly Sanctuary prayed, examined themselves and agonized over their sin while the High Priest ministered on their behalf.  Although they could not see what was taking place, it was by faith they viewed the service.  They saw the High Priest sprinkle the blood of the lamb on the Mercy Seat, which sat atop the Ten Commandments, the Law broken which required the death of the offender.  There was still no peace until the High Priest was seen leaving this part of the Sanctuary, confess the sins onto the head of the “scapegoat” which would then be led into the Wilderness, forever separated from the people.  None of this has taken place, in our time, because our High Priest, Christ, is still pleading before the Father our cases, offering His blood on our behalf on the Mercy Seat which, according to the pattern Moses saw, sits atop the Ten Commandments and this is where most Christian’s problem begin.

Most Christians do not believe the Ten Commandments are binding upon them.  So if their “Ark” is empty, their offering is empty, their faith is empty and their salvation will be empty!  Most Christians do not even know or have heard there IS a Sanctuary, and those who do have a modicum of knowledge but this is not enough.  Friends, you cannot have a superficial understanding of these things and expect them to be a part of your salvation, without having done due diligence to understand.  It is easy, for me, when I cannot accomplish some type of work in my home, to call a specialist or tradesman to stop by, without my caring for I trust the work will be accomplished.  This does not take place in the spiritual things of our life.  All the while the High Priest was performing these tasks the people were involved in every step of the way.  How are you involved in every step of the way, today, as Christ works on your behalf?  What was given in the Old Testament was an example to help us understand what is taking place in the New Testament, but if you are one of those who want to throw the Old Testament out, there is no way you will be able to understand the New Testament and your “thinking” Christ dying on the cross is all you have to be concerned about, you are missing the whole point of the Sanctuary service.  For, what takes place in the Most Holy Place AFTER Christ died in the Outer Court determines if that sacrifice of Christ will be applied to you!  For many of you it cannot be applied to you because you do not accept what is the center of the Most Holy Place—The Ten Commandments!  And what is contained in the center of the Ten Commandments—The Sabbath Day.  Do you keep the Sabbath Day?  Then all what Christ has done for you, is not for you and your sins still remain and you will be the one led out into the Wilderness to die for your own sins because Christ did not die for you!

It’s an awesome study and experience and unless you take an active part in understanding this, it would not have mattered what you believed because it is not your belief which will save you apart from what Christ is doing NOW on your behalf, not what He did THEN on Calvary.


June 5, 2015


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