It is time to take a stand.  There is too much passiveness.  Week, after week, after week I have posted and will continue to post pointed and direct messages regarding my Christianity and belief.  One of which is simply this, insofar as Christianity goes, it is “Either You or Me, but not We!”  One of us is wrong, but it is for certain, we can both be wrong if we have differing beliefs, but we cannot both be right and have differing beliefs!  So, which is it?

So, it is time to take a stand.  Even in my Facebook list of friends, there are several I went to school with, many I have met or associated along the way, which call themselves or others call them, “pastors”.  There are many of you who may not hold such positions but you occupy pews from week to week, but not with any convincing stance and are under the belief, and correct me if I’m wrong, “We’re all God’s children and as long as we believe, and love one another, we’ll make it in.”  WRONG!  That’s what the devil would have us believe, but it is not Scriptural.

I’ve never seen anyone, at any time, make the absolute claim, “My church is the right church”, well, except for one but I found out while attempting to have Bible study he had no idea Adam and Eve were created on the six day of the week, thought the seventh day Sabbath was created but would not be given to man until 2,600 years after it was created!  Oh, he’ll tell you all about what he “thinks” took place in the Book of Acts, but has no clue about God’s acts in Genesis which is the beginning of all things and upon which all things are measured and based.  Also, because he puts Christ over God when it comes to obedience, not accepting or realizing Christ could not, would not supersede His Father in anything, believing Christ’s “Laws” replaced God’s “Law” but they are “One” in totality, so I can say without absolute apologizing he certainly does not belong to the “true church” of God.  Just look at what they teach!

While it is true it is easier to just not be bold enough to say, “My church is the right one” because by implication it would have to mean all the others are wrong, and true, it does take quite a bit of bravado so say such a thing.  But, would Christ be in a position to say it and did He not say it?  Then why won’t you say it today? I’ll say it:  “My church, the Seventh Day Adventist Church, is God’s remnant church for these last days.”  Now, there.  I said it.

Can you?


September 24, 2016