In my youth, and this could be equated with being in the “youth” of my religious experience as well as age, I questioned my beliefs.  Well, let’s define this more adequately:  I questioned the beliefs of the church I was a member.  I questioned the statements of the so-called, “prophetess” of that church, and it led me to leave that church, eventually to doubting God and I left Him, too.  However, because of the innate desire to worship, and knowing the danger of not having God, I searched.  What I found was not satisfying and my journey brought me full circle and I recognized the problem was never with the church or it’s prophetess, and certainly not God.  The problem all along was, “me”.

You see, and I had to understand this, the church was here long before I was.  My father criticized me once, while in my stage of youthfulness, which now I understand fully, when he said, “Roy, why can’t you simply accept the truth without having wondered what type of fruit Cain brought?”  Apparently, he reached a stage in his life I needed to be and I’ve recognized, recently, I have arrived.  There can be a time in one’s life when one could be asking all the wrong questions to get to an answer which is not possible, not because the truth isn’t there, but again, you’re asking the wrong questions!  I also had to come to a place in my life when I had to learn how to “believe”.  This may sound strange, to some, but think about it, some of us will have to learn how to “believe”, perhaps a better word is, “accept”, what it IS “we” believe, not individually but as a corporate body in Christ.  Just as the Bible says there are many, “spirits”, or “voices” gone out into the world, there are just as many ears opened to hear it and sadly, to be confused and then lost as a result.

Yesterday, two respondents to a message I posted equated Mrs. Ellen G. White to that of the Pope and to another individual named Herbert Armstrong.  These two individuals can certainly make the statement because it is evident, to me, they are not Adventist, nor have they accepted what Adventists believe.  The Bible likens the end of time with that of Noah.  ONLY Noah was given the message in that “last day” of Earth’s historical destruction.  It didn’t matter what others believed or said.  If you failed to believe Noah, you were lost but this didn’t occur until it was too late.  The same for this time.  God has given to His “Remnant Church” a “Noah”.  Which makes it a “type of Noah” for this Earth’s last destruction.  It doesn’t matter what you believe or say because if you fail to believe this Noah, you will be lost, too, and it will be too late.

You cannot “claim” to be an Adventist and then doubt what Adventists, as a corporate body teaches.  You cannot be a part of this great Church and then doubt God’s gift of Sis. White to this church.  You cannot unequivocally state we need to find the truth “without” her, causing doubt within yourself and contaminate others with your doubt, a sure revelation of that text which states, “Always studying but never coming to the truth.”  At some point, “either you are, or you are not” a believer, someone who accepts this message and become a part of this movement or you will be guilty as they were during the time of Jesus when “many of His disciples followed Him no more”.  I know where that experience can lead one.  Following Jesus, as following His Church, as following His prophetess for the church, means following even when you don’t understand.  It’s not them which is having the problem.  It’s you!


January 18, 2015


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