It has always been of interest, to me, how Christians have resistance to the word, “law”.  They hate it so it would almost seem as if they are “criminals” instead of “Christians”.  Think about it, and I know this first-hand, criminals do not like anything dealing with the law and in fact, have created their own law in how things are to be. In the prison setting what is considered the right thing to do “outside”, is considered the wrong thing to do “inside”.  Truly the Biblical text, “calling evil right and right evil” is so prevalent, and when Christians take part in their disgust for the “Law of God”, they have joined those who are lost and sadly, don’t even know it!  How do they show their disgust?  By saying phrases like, “We are no longer under the Law” or “The Law was nailed to the cross”, etc.  I want you to know today, God’s Law, the Ten Commandments stand supreme, is called “good” and all God’s people should follow and those who don’t will be lost without question.

I like Matthew Henry’s thoughts regarding this shared in his commentary for John 8:

“See what the brand is which Christ fastens upon those that thus commit sin. He stigmatizes them, gives them a mark of servitude. They are servants of sin, imprisoned under the guilt of sin, under an arrest, in hold for it, concluded under sin, and they are subject to the power of sin. He is a servant of sin, that is, he makes himself so, and is so accounted; he has sold himself to work wickedness; his lusts give law to him, he is at their beck, and is not his own master. He does the work of sin, supports its interest, and accepts its wages.”

Paul says in Romans 6:16:

“Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?”

Let me give you an example.  When in prison and you see something which is wrong, even to the point where someone can be and will be affected, even possibly death, you should not say anything to anybody in authority.  If you do, you could be cut, maimed or killed for doing so, being tagged a “snitch”.  Now, in the outside world, you are obligated to do exactly this, to inform someone in authority, or you are held liable should you have known something, could have prevented it and did nothing.  There is a “right” law and there is a “wrong” law, and we cannot escape from keeping “a” law because there is no other way to go.  Either you are in keeping with God’s Law, the Ten Commandments or you are in keeping satan’s law, which holds you in binds unbelievably strong and seldom does any man, or woman, break free unless you have the help of God.

The deception, the “great” deception satan would have us believe is we are God’s and yet do not have to keep God’s Law.  He didn’t do it and doesn’t want you to do it either.  He failed miserably and he attacks those of us who want to do it by having us believe we cannot keep it either.  Then what is the alternative?  So, we continue living our lives believing we are of God when in actuality we are of satan and he is thrilled with our partnership.  This is what is being called “deceived”.  God and Christ would not have given us anything we were not able to do.  That would be rather stupid on Their part, wouldn’t it?  He gave us His Law because we could and DID keep it until we chose to stop.  So what is keeping us from resuming?  We better and there will be those who will, according to Biblical prophecy.  Did you know this?  They’re called the 144,000.

So, there you have it.  You can either keep God’s Law and be saved despite the difficulties, or, you can keep satan’s law and be lost with the difficulties.

It is always and have always been your choice.


December 23, 2015