EASY AS 1, 2, 3!

Some might remember the song made popular by the Jackson 5, “ABC” in 1970, well, maybe not, but for those of us it was an explosion, this new group, which rocked the world.  Our lives, even to this day, have been touched by this group and the influence it has had in our lives.  This particular song had a message of how easy love can be.  The same applies with understanding Scripture.

There are some who claim to be, “Sola Scriptura” when it comes to the Bible.  What does this mean?  It means they believe the Bible is their only rule of life.  They will not accept anything outside the Bible and take it very literally what it says, or does not say.  In this they are faulted!  Let me show you how.  There are those who believe in the New Testament and discard the Old.  They claim because we are this side of the cross, what was written “before” the cross does not apply to the “New Covenant” or “New Testament” church.  There is an inherent problem with this type of reasoning.  Is not Christ in the Old Testament, too? Is it not the same Father in the Old as well as in the New?  If God never changes, are you claiming He does because of a book division, made by man, in separating mere chapters of words?  Is it not the “whole” Book which is necessary for one’s understanding of salvation?  How can you possibly understand the New without understanding and believing the Old is valid?  It’s like building a building beginning on the second floor bypassing the foundation and first.  It does not work.

For example, you have some who say God never commanded His people to worship on the Sabbath day in the New Testament.  They will even go so far as to state God never commanded man to keep the Sabbath from Creation, although it is when the Sabbath was made, for man, but say it was given to a group of people, Jews, some 2500 years later!  How can this be?  Because they don’t see it actually written.

The Bible states, “When I was a child, I thought as a child”.  It also says, Jesus said, “We must become like one of these, children, to enter into the Kingdom.”  Let’s put it to applicable usage.  When as a child did you not learn the basic, 1 + 1 = 2?  That was all you needed to know.  Why?  Because from there you could figure if you added another “1” it would make it “3”, and it didn’t need to be written, but placed within your mind.  Many of us learned our ABC’s, not what each letter meant, but because of a tune and later we learned about what a “K” or “J” really was and how it is used.  So, here you had what was written but didn’t understand, and before you know it, the combination of what those letters learned would actually form words, which were a part of sentences, and then paragraphs, and well, you get the point.

Sadly, many don’t.  They are searching within the Bible for what is already clearly there but because they are looking for exactness, they cannot see nor accept what is implied.  Thank God He’s given us a brain, because without one you might have a case, but because we have one, He requires us to “think” and learn how to conceptualize, contextualize and know of Truth.  So, those who take it literally, I imagine they’re waiting for some multi-headed beast to rise out of some sea!

Friends, if you don’t read the Bible as a total sum of what God has given us, there is no way you will be able to understanding it.  You MUST consider the Old Testament as relative as the New Testament and both are for us today, as a people, as Christians.

It really is as simple as, ABC and as easy as 123!



February 16, 2016