I “almost” had a good discussion with a brother who is mistaken greatly when it comes to the understanding of the Latter Rain.  He believes we are in that time and has fallen upon us.  He cites Acts 1 but fails to see, this time is indicative of the “Early” rain and not the “Latter”.

There is a movement afoot, too, where people in our great faith are attempting to “move” the Holy Spirit instead of being “moved” by Him.  There are those who are believing we are “baptized” by the Spirit—yet, where is the evidence?  If the “Latter” rain has fallen, where is the evidence?  If it is supposed to take place just before the plagues are poured out, where is the evidence:

“Before the final visitation of God’s judgments upon the earth there will be among the people of the Lord such a revival of primitive godliness as has not been witnessed since apostolic times. The Spirit and power of God will be poured out upon His children.”—The Great Controversy, 464 (1911).

If you look at Acts 1, you will discover something occurring typical of the 2015 GC this year.  They needed to select a replacement for Judas.  There were two men chosen from which one would be “elected” to serve.  This needed to take place BEFORE Chapter 2 when the evidence of the “Latter” rain fell.  They, the Apostles and those with them in the Upper Room had to, as we like to say, “Came on one accord”.  Where is the “one accord” within our great church today?  Now, I’m not speaking regarding the Lunar, Layman’s Movement, Shepherd Rod’s or any other cultic off-shoot from this body.  I’m speaking about you and I, who post on Facebook, attend church on Sabbath, sitting in the same pews, reading the same Quarterlies, hearing the same messages, have the same Spirit of Prophecy writings within our reach and yet—YET! we are nowhere near to being on “one accord”.  Were we on “one accord” on the issue of whether or not women would be “elected” to receiving the privilege, not the right, but the privilege of being ordained as pastors?  I hardly think so.

Where has there been any evidence of “tongues of fire” hovering over the head of anyone, unless it was a store bought BIC?  How many have gone out not necessarily speaking in foreign languages but in any language and seeing baptisms exceeding 3, 000 in one meeting?  I ask again, where is the evidence?

If you peruse the various Adventist groups what do you see?  Conflict.  Pure conflict when it comes to Last Day events.  Where is the “one accord”?  You’ve got ministers who give mediocre messages, at best, if there is any messenger worth his salt!  Long gone, I think, are the days when men endued with the unction of the Holy Spirit speaking on Sabbath morning during Divine Hour.  The emphasis NOW seems to be on wanting to change the “traditional” church program when it is not the program which is faulty but the living, breathing souls which cross the threshold of our churches on Sabbath.

The Church does not need reviving because it has always stood the test as ordained by God but how about us, are we standing the test?  Are we giving lukewarm attendance in heart and mind and expecting a “Latter Rain” experience to really fall upon us?  Be thankful it hadn’t happened because it would kill many of us because of our disinterest in godly matters.  There’s too much world in the church for the church to be prepared to evangelize the world!  We’ve forgotten our foundation.  We’re not “repairers of the breech” but are sitting behind wrecking balls trying to knock down the walls we have trying to institute new on shifting sand.

When we learn to begin how to “agree” with each other, even in posts, not being contentious, then perhaps we will have an opportunity to experience what took place in that Upper Room, but until then, many of us are in Fellowship Hall, or the bathroom, and we need to realize we’re really not in the “worship” service, at all.


October 8, 2015