Christ said,

“And whosoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet for a testimony against them.” Luke 9:5 (KJV)

Day before yesterday, in a discussion with someone who I have gotten to know for almost a year, continues to adamantly speak against God’s Ten Commandments, more specifically the Sabbath and calls my church a “sect”, a “unholy sect” at best and says he’ll pray for my deliverance.  While it is certainly his belief, or opinion, and entitled to believe such, but when does it end, my duty, to him?  Having spoken on many an occasion and seeing he will not budge from his position, when is it time to move on?  Well, it is no longer difficult for me to make such a decision.  I’m merely following the words and example of Christ by “shaking off the very dust” and moving on, using the modern technology of “unfriending” then “blocking” on Facebook.

Even Paul took a stern stance when he said,

“To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.” 1 Cor 5:5 (KJV)

Paul made it clear, sometimes you just have to leave the person to themselves and the enemy.  Maybe dealing with him, the enemy, would be enough to cause a person to come running back, repentant and willing to follow in the proper way.

I made a determination to prevent my being exposed to a lot of garbage in the various groups I once managed.  Can I not do the same with my own account?  There comes a point when the hard decisions have to be made with regards to family and friends.  How many of you have had to let go of some who caused you grief?  How many of you have had to even let go of family members because you were of no help to them?  I know this personally having experienced this with my own family during the time I was an addict.  Many let me go.  It was for my best and for their protection and even to this date many have not resumed the relationship, but it is okay.  The desired result has been achieved.  I’m back in my right mind!  They’ve determined to continue this walk without my companionship and it is the price I pay for my former life.

The same today, my friends.  Do not be encumbered by those who have nothing good to say about what you believe or what you are trying to do with your life.  Sometimes you will have to make the hard decision and let them know, there is no longer a place for you in my life, in my Facebook friend’s list, or whatever relationship they were a part of.

Christ knew this would occur and many of us would have difficulty in letting go.  He’s counseled us to “shake off the dust” and move on.  Apparently, the person you’re trying to witness have made their decision and we have to allow them to make a decision further down the road with”out” our involvement.  We give them the best information we can and we have to leave them with the Holy Spirit, for if He can’t reach them, nobody can!  In fact, it’s not difficult for me to see the Holy Spirit “dusting” off His shoes, too!


February 6, 2015


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