Something to keep in mind when you read prophecy is this:  God never is speaking about the world, but His church “in” the world.  Also, this is another point to keep in mind:  When God is speaking about “His” church, He can be speaking about the church, in general, as when He refers to Babylon, but in most cases, He is speaking about His remnant church, the “Commandment-keepers” of God.  If you keep these significant points in mind, your understanding of prophecy will not be contaminated by outside influences which have no bearing.

When you review the Children of Israel’s recorded experience, in Scripture, you only hear about the world, or nations, which had involvement with Israel.  You remember the time when they were involved with Egypt, did you hear anything about Babylon?  Or Asia?  No.  It was about Egypt although these other great nations were alive and flourishing at the time.  When Egypt was scratched off the scene and later would resurface during the time of David, we are confronted by Babylon and nothing about other world nations until the Medes and Persian Empire took place.  What took place in God’s ancient church will take place in God’s remnant church.  We don’t need to concern ourselves with the world’s perspective or even the false church’s perspective, but those who have a direction impact on our belief and lifestyle.

While it is important to observe and keep cognizant of what is happening on the world front, I only do so as it impacts God’s people, and I’m not talking about the so-called worldwide church body, because this is considered Babylon, but only as it affects the “remnant” or Commandment-keepers.  If you’re not keeping the Ten Commandment, you are classified as being a part of Babylon, the false church, and one day soon, very soon, God will be calling you out utilizing major power and influence so you do not remain in those non-Commandment-keeping church groups.  Let me be more specific.  If you are not keeping God’s holy Sabbath day which falls between sunset Friday until sunset Saturday, you are in the Babylon group and not considered in the remnant.  You are not a “Commandment-keeper” and God is giving you the message—now, and later for those who won’t hear the message now, to “Come out of her, My people”.  You cannot be saved outside of God’s true church.  If that were the case, there would be no need to call you out.

The point I wish to make regarding “Double Application” is this, when you read something in the Bible and it deals with prophecy, you have to apply it to that particular time, then during the time of Christ, and then you will have a proper rendering of how it will have impact during our time because we are in these last days before Christ’s return.  I believe this.  I believe this wholeheartedly.  Everything given before was given so we would have a better understanding about it now.  The world is separated into two groups:  (1) God’s people and (2) satan’s people.  Within these two groups are factions, and there are also infiltrators, although many of them don’t know they are—yet!  Yes, there are satan’s people within God’s church and there are God’s people within satan’s group, or church.  This is why God’s group will have what is called “The Shaking” to separate them, and satan’s group receives the “Call” to come out, Rev. 14 and 18.

But the point being, and keep this in mind, God never speaks about the world because they are lost already, so when He speaks He is mostly speaking to the remnant—today, with a more general application to Babylon, because He still has people, good people who just don’t know or haven’t made the decision to leave behind their culture and traditions, but the events we’re now facing will align themselves in making it clear they need to “come out” in order to be saved.

This whole situation has always only been about two things:  (1) The worship of God, and (2) How God is to be worshiped.  All other stuff is a mere distraction.

August 2, 2017