When I was a drug addict, notice the operative word, “was”, I attended my first meeting and they wanted me to believe I “was” an addict and would always “be” an addict.  They taught I had a disease that was incurable.  They taught me I would struggle with my disease all my life and I would find help, comfort and strength by continuing to associate with people who were like me by coming to meetings, getting a sponsor and “keep coming back.”  My drug dealers, no doubt, were thankful I would be a part of this belief because the whole philosophy actually kept them in business.  It also kept those who “claim” to help the addict in business, too!  Think about it:  if you are a doctor or counselor with the premise of helping people find a cure, and the money you are getting from them as a patient, paying your mortgage and car note or sending their children to college, how soon do you think they want to see you stop coming to their office?  Do you think they would hope for a world without addiction?  Who in their right mind would put themselves out of business?

It is the same lie which is being told in churches.  They will want you to have the understanding you can never “overcome” sin.  If this is true, and it is not, they want us to believe we will always be sinners and we should accept the sinner, now listen, “in their sin”, and show them love without discrimination or disapproval.  Now, it might seem, on the surface, to be acceptable, but it is not.  You see, if I am to believe the message of addiction treatment, the label put upon me, “being always an addict”, gives me the license to continue practicing addiction, and YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT ME, being an addict and don’t expect me to do any better.  If this is true, and it is not, then your home is never safe, from me.  Your assets will become mine so I can continue practicing my addiction.  Aren’t you glad I’m no longer an addict or believe the lie they told me?

Then why is it we want to believe the lie, say, from the alcoholic who wants you to think they were born alcoholics due to some gene defect?  Or the bigger lie homosexuals are born homosexual and this is how God made them?  And if He made them this way, then we should accept them as being homosexual and welcome them into our churches and family without ever expecting them to change their lives for the better and become “normal”!  Would you allow me, if I were a practicing addict to have access to your things?  Then why would you allow and accept a practicing homosexual to have a position in the things of God, like holding office or any leadership role within the church?  Certainly there is no Scripture which supports such, so why do we not raise any conflict when we are seeing it done in our churches, conferences and the like?

We are lowering the standard of God and as a result, it is by the acceptance of “lies” we become a part of the problem and we will be lost in our sin of acceptance just as they will be lost in their sin.  I could tell you without any hesitation, I’d rather be an addict in active addiction than to be an addict not in addiction.  At least I would have some enjoyable moments, some feel good experiences and that, to me, is certainly better than being an addict and not being addicted.  No, I don’t make the claim of being an addict, nor am I in recovery.  I “was” an addict and I have been “restored”.  You who suffer the addiction of homosexuality or any other addiction can, too, make the claim of overcoming your sin and becoming sin-free from whatever it was which held you bound.  We ALL serve a God who has promised to heal anyone coming to Him from ALL, I repeat, ALL manner of sickness, illness and disease and He forgives sin, too!  Whatever you wish to classify your problem, He is able to heal and THERE WILL BE a people of God who will live sin-free lives, even while living on this planet.  And those who don’t believe this it only means you have bought into the lie we can never live sin-free.  We do not have to be in heaven to reach that state.  In fact, if you don’t reach that state before Christ comes, then you have already pronounced judgment upon yourselves and are doomed!

Every day we strive for Christ-likeness.  He was sin-free, from birth and we can be sin-free by being “born again”, and asking for forgiveness , truly repenting and keeping from that which held us bound, “before”, and not “again” will make us “sin-free”.  While we may never appear to be sin-free in the eyes of others, let me tell you, it doesn’t matter what they see, or what they think, or what they believe.  Like my Momma used to say, “They don’t have a heaven to take you or a hell to put you in, so why would you care what others think, or say, about you?”

Stop believing the lie.  Our help and cure is only for the asking and God does and can heal you and is not depended upon your finances to sustain His lifestyle.

March 25, 2017