Like you, I’m certain, there are times when witnessing to others we begin to feel frustrated and wonder why they’re not getting it!  They’re so precious, a believer, too; but, it seems they’re just not getting the whole and complete picture and THIS is where we should keep our focus.  Let me explain how and why.

For many, especially the ones who seem to strongly debate the issue regarding the Sabbath, they couldn’t do it UNLESS they already had an understanding about the Sabbath, even if it is an erroneous one.  Those who don’t know anything about it, well, that’s another subject, but I’m speaking about those who give you the greatest arguments against keeping it.  They know!  But, it’s not time yet.  Many of us who are presenting proofs and witnessing, we must not become discouraged because we do not see them readily accepting truth and continuing to live in error.  It is only for a time.  The fact you’ve done your job well, will tell on that great day.  Many of us will rise from the graves, looking about and seeing that dear brother and sister who so vehemently argued against the same will look at you so appreciatively because of your efforts.  They will have a testimony to share with you and it’ll sound something like this:

“My friend, it is because of you and your persistence and not giving up on me when I knew I was being difficult, but I just could not accept what you said.  However, something happened.  The fact I heard you and remembered what you said and when I began to see what was taking place, I realized no one could know these things EXCEPT someone who’d been with Christ.  In fact, allow me to introduce you to my family, and relatives, and friends and strangers who became friends, that spark you passed onto me, I passed onto them.  The fact I’m standing here today is a result of your efforts, so, ‘thank you’ for sharing with me.”

Won’t it bring tears to your eyes?  Think how Adam and Eve will feel looking over the ceaseless numbers of generations which proceeded from them.  Think about the Disciples, and Paul, who will learn how their writings helped so many millions of us come to an understanding of the Faith.  Then, think about yourself.  Think about how you came into knowing this precious Message and the impulse quickening within to share what you know.  Your spouse, children, their children and their children and friends, all because you didn’t give up.

Feel like giving up now?  I didn’t think so!


November 17, 2014


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