Let me be very honest.  Allow me to be very frank, as well.  There is a point to these messages, for without a point, what’s the sense of writing?  None.  Yesterday, I wrote a piece entitled, “Homos Need Help, not Acceptance”.  Today, this post will follow within the same train of thought.

As I write this message and you read it, I want you to do something, for me, I have never done before.  I’m going to ask you to pray for a friend of mine.  A special and dear friend of my youth.  My friend is caught in the sinful life of homosexuality.  My friend is also a pastor of a church whose congregation is accepting of this lifestyle, as well as their conference leaders.  So, while his name won’t be mentioned, while this post will not be tagged so he will see this, I’m going to ask God through the agency of His Holy Spirit to do something wondrous, something miraculous and hopefully one day will produce the result of saving my friend.  Won’t you help me in this endeavor?

Let me share something about my life as a former drug addict.  Perhaps you will be able to identify something in your life as well with the struggle I went through.  While addicted to crack cocaine and “knowing” this was wrong and destroying my life, I went through a phase of “acceptance”.  I began to accept I was an addict and then I became to “justify” my lifestyle.  I was not trained in my upbringing to steal from family and friends to support anything good or evil.  I was not trained to miss work or pawn my belongings, or yours, in order to support my habit.  I was raised by decent, Christian and respectful people who passed along their good ideals to me, and I would like to think they received them from their good parents, who received them…from the Disciples, who received them from Christ.

So, when my life was going “south”—literally, in the direction we coined “hell”, I learned it was easier to justify my lifestyle with phrases such as this:  “My brother is a cop and arrests people all the time who are addicts, surely when he invited me into his house, to live, he must have known I would steal from him.”  I did, too.  Or, how about this one which makes me sad, even now, to think about it, “My grandmother knew I was struggling with addiction, so she had to accept I would eventually find her money and take it.”  I did, too!  How about this one, “My father and stepmother’s money-tree given as a gift for their wedding should have known a “Fall” (seasonal) plague would hit those leaves and make them fall down, because they knew I was an addict living in their home.”  I did, too.

You see, as an addict, it didn’t matter who’s house I was living.  I had a problem.  I was addicted to crack cocaine and nothing was sacred.  The same applies for homosexuality.  One cannot live in the Father’s house, His Church, and treat this lifestyle as if it is sacred and respected, for it is sin.  It is not something the Father appreciates nor blesses.  And for those who think they can take this sin, especially those who are called “ministers of the Gospel”, and countenance other sinners by joining them in “holy”, I repeat, “holy” matrimony, and think this union will be blessed, by Him, well, are just as hurtful, sad and shameful as it was when I helped myself to my family and loved one’s money, and there can be no excuses for that.  None.

While my brother, grandmother, father and stepmother may have understood, God takes it even further by understanding more how the enemy has entered into our lives and He has the ability, the redemptive and creative power to remove this offensive sin, from our lives.  Just as He removed my addiction to crack cocaine, an awful, debilitating and sinful drug and lifestyle, He is more than capable of removing, restoring and blessing your life by removing the sin of homosexuality.  As I was not able to justify being an addict, you cannot justify being homosexual.  Definitely not and remain in His presence.

“Come out of her (homosexuality), My People…” God is calling.

“Come out of her (homosexuality), my friend…”  Is my call, to you.

August 7, 2017