I present information, facts, which are rooted in Scripture.  Some of the information doesn’t sit well with many.  Topics like why people worship on Sunday or why people observe Christmas is usually responded by, “That’s not what I believe” or, “What matters to me”, or “That’s not why I do it”.  The focus is in the wrong place.  The focus should not be on you because of your heart.  The Bible states emphatically, “The heart is wicked”, and it cannot be known, or understood.  What is much easier to understand is God.  So, what matters to Him should be paramount and most important when considering matters of this sort.

There are so many things we do we really don’t have any idea why we do it.  When a child is confronted, how many times have you looked upon that innocent, but guilty face, and heard these words, “I dunno”?  Today, as adults, at least from my perspective whenever I ask someone a question, I never want to hear, “I don’t know”.  It does not fly with me.  Children can get away with it, but not an adult.  We SHOULD KNOW why we have done something.  We need to determine the source of our actions.  We need to make certain what we do was done because we are fully aware of what it is we have done we must answer for it.

Think of this scenario. You’re standing in front of a judge and he asks you a question about something you have done.  How many of you would stand right in an open courtroom, look the judge in the face and answer, “I don’t know.”  I can tell you this, I’ve stood before many judges, have answered many a question and never once did I ever think to say, nor would I ever attempt to answer with an, “I don’t know.”  Not when I’m on this side of the sentencing phase.  YOU BETTER KNOW SOMETHING because whether it is good or bad, guilty or not guilty, you’re being judged more on what you did, not because of what you know.  With God, it is a bit different.  He judges you not on what you did but what you know you should have done.  With God it is what you should know or have taken the opportunity to know.  Nobody will be able to plead ignorance as a defense.  He knows if you read His Bible or not.  He knows if you felt it was more important to chat, or watch frivolous programs, or slept away your salvation.

It is no coincidence just a little more than a week from today, two of my favorite topics will occur on the same day, Sunday, December the 25th.  Two of the most pagan, and for those who need a definition for the word: pagan, it means: satanic of all celebrations will take place.  Sunday “congregational” worship and Christmas.  Both are from the same source:  satan, and it will amaze me how many good, well-meaning Christians will say, “I don’t see it that way”, or “I do it for this reason”, or “It means something totally different to me”!  See where the focus is on?  It is “you” and not “God”.  How does God see worshiping on a day He never said was holy?  If Saturday, the seventh day of the week was the ONLY day of the week made holy, and for worshiping Him by His express command, then what is it when you introduce something which is not holy?  The answer is quite simple.  It is “unholy”.  Show me in Scripture where Sunday, the first day of week, was made holy, by God.  You cannot.  So, you are worshiping on an unholy day to a holy God.  It cannot be accepted by Him.  He cannot ever accept sin.

How about Christmas?  Some will state quite clearly, “I’m celebrating the birth of Christ.”  Really!  Are you sure?  How does God see the 25th of December?  Does He see it as the day of His Son’s birth?  Did He ever tell us to observe His Son’s birth?  Or His death and resurrection, for that matter?  Where in Scripture is evidence God said it is okay and commanded us to do so?  Or, are you doing it because you want to do so?  Are you doing it because of tradition or custom?  Have you ever even wondered why you do it and researched to find out what you are doing is true or false?  Or, will you simply answer in a child-like response:  “I don’t know”?  You don’t know why you celebrate Sunday or Christmas?  You really don’t have a Biblical reference for why you do what you do?  Then, I suggest, to you, the sentence given for sin would be the same as the one who did it knowing it was wrong.

It DOES MATTER what it means to God more than what it might matter to you!


December 17, 2016