It is not uncommon to hear people respond, when you have given them “truth”, “This is not what God meant!”  Oh really?  What I’m reading in His Word is not what He meant when I am reading His Word?  You mean to tell me, God speaks in riddles?  He speaks and had those guys to write, knowingly it would confuse me later?  If this is the kind of God you believe and serve, well, let me be honest, He’s not someone I would want in my life!

It is amazing, to me, when people don’t like what God is requiring them to do and live, they will resort to stating about dispensations, covenants and other such terminology using words they couldn’t spell on a good day WITH a dictionary!  Then there are those who will sound as if God checks in on them once a day and drops information they’re only privy to and made to feel as though they have the responsibility to make sure everyone knows!

Why is it we just don’t like anyone, even God, telling us what to do?  We would prefer to acknowledge Him and render whatever we want to give Him, expecting Him to accept it and be satisfied with us!  Many of us cannot see ourselves in Cain when he made his offering to God with the expectation He would accept his best.  How many of us believe we are doing the same thing, bringing our best when God has already determined what it is He expects from us?  He has told us—through His Ten Commandments what to do, and not anyone who will read this will have problems with nine of them, but when it comes to giving God glory, worship and praise on the day He has told us, then we believe God really didn’t mean what He said!  We believed what He said about the first 3 and the last 6, but that Fourth Commandment?  Well, that Commandment gets explained away, at least they think it does, by using those buzz words: Dispensations, Covenants and here’s another one, “Shadows”!

It is so simple when you think about it.  God specifically used the word, “Remember” before the Commandment.  Why?  Is not the answer obvious?  It would be the ONLY Commandment the devil would attack because he wanted worship for himself.  It would be ONLY Commandment which would be altered to have people not “remember”.  It would be the ONLY Commandment people would rationalize, substitute with customs and traditions and do it the way they wanted to do it, like Cain, and will meet the same tragic ending he will suffer.  Why would you want to be a part of this group?  It would be the ONLY Commandment which will separate God’s people from those who THINK they are God’s people when it really counted.  And, we’re almost to that point.  It is called, “National Sunday Law” and if you know nothing about it, send me an inbox.  Let me ask the obvious question:  “If I keep God’s Sabbath according to the Ten Commandments, which He has given to man, from the beginning of our creation, why would you keep Sunday and there is no “command from God” to do so?  If Cain’s gift was not accepted, what makes you think your gift will be?

God stated repeatedly, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.”  So, if you do sacrifice your Sunday, your time and effort, the question is, is it OBEDIENCE?  Are you obeying God, Christ and following the example of the Apostles by doing what you want and not what was given and commanded from the beginning?  God never changes and His Law is evident of that fact because if His Law could be changed, altered or done away, then there would have been no need for Christ to die.

Does it make a difference, a day?  Does it make a difference the day of your birth?  Does it make a difference if you were told to show up for a job interview on a particular day?  Would it make a difference the day if you were scheduled to get married?  Do you think your Bridge/Groom would have liked if you showed up the following day?  Of course it makes a difference.  And I can assure you this, God was not confused nor was He confusing when He told us what to do which is evidence of our love and honor regarding Him.

There is another marriage about to be performed.  It is between the Groom (Christ) and His Church (Bride) and it will take place a on particular day and you DO NOT WANT TO BE LATE!


May 23, 2017