Are you really sure I’m wrong and you are right?  Are you really willing to stick to what you believe despite what I have been preaching and teaching, debating and arguing, for so long?  Are you certain this is the choice you really want to make recognizing if what I have stated seems to be happening, and if I’m right—again, about Sunday congregational worship being the evidence of the “Mark of the Beast” and your fate is sealed for eternal damnation, are you still willing to continue honoring Sunday as God’s worship day instead of the Bible Sabbath as given by God’s Ten Commandments?

Okay, let’s portray the events as they will occur:

It seems the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the United States are in agreement with Pope Francis in coming to a stated agreement in how to tackle the supposed, so-called, “Climate Change” or “Global Warming” crises and this is by enacting a law, a “National Sunday Law” in the United States—first.  This law simply states in order to combat the calamities of earthquakes, tornado and hurricane activity, drought and pestilence, we need to come together not only as one nation, but as one religion, no matter Islam, Judaism or Christian and seek God’s help in resolving not only the effects of disaster but the immoral lifestyles permeating throughout the world, including homosexuality and abortions.  Sounds good, so far, right?

Our beloved President Trump has already demonstrated he is not opposed to showing military force in order to bring rogue nations into lockstep with the rest of the world by his actions regarding Syria, Afghanistan, N. Korea, Iran and Russia.  While the U.S. is enjoying relative economic prosperity and the world’s greater powers have agreed to join in accomplishing the goals of the United Nations in bringing world peace by joining together in recognizing a one world governing body, enforced by the power of the United States, according to the dictates and established rules by the Vatican, what will be your thinking then?

When you later learn there has always been a “Sunday Law” on the books for your particular state, which you can simply Google, and see it is not a stretch to begin enforcing such, first by each state and commonwealth, then further ordered by the Federal government, will you begin to take notice then?  Will you think maybe ol’ Bro. Roy hadn’t lost it after all when you begin seeing churches which oppose this ruling begin to change and accept it, since after all, it could mean the difference of major world destruction or the bettering of our lives?  When you hear on your nightly news or Internet news source, it will be lawful to worship—together, as a nation, no more separation of church and state, and no more separate religions, but together in pure ecumenism, would you begin to think maybe I’m right?

When you see the newsflash on your television screen since there are many who will not acquiesce to the law of the land, therefore there will be penalties assessed against dissidents, called “terrorists”, lawbreakers, and in order to bring them to justice for treason, their credit will be taken away.  They can no longer stop over to the local mall and purchase groceries since they have not be given their identification credentials preventing them from “buying and selling”!  Will you begin to think I am on to something?  And when you have to make the decision for yourself and your family, what would your choice be?  Will you accept the rules and regulation of your country or will you attempt to continue worshiping God according to the dictates of your heart and chose not to join with the law of the land?

Will you be willing to join those people who have had to flee from their homes or face persecution, prosecution and later execution?  Or will you be one of those who will point me out, your last sighting of me because I thought our friendship would at least give me a meal to carry me through.  Or will you be afraid to be charged with “assisting a known felon, wanted for questioning”?

Will you question within yourself that I cannot be right? That it has to be something more obvious than simply the day one chooses to worship God in congregational worship.  Will you believe the lies the enemy, satan, will tell how the majority will follow the right way and those who are the minority are obviously wrong?  Can God be willing to destroy what seems to be right, fair and logical in saving this world?

Because, my friends, if you are still able to “buy and sell” and there are many who no longer have the privilege, the right to do so, will you then be willing to think maybe I’m right, after all?  If you see it at that time, then it is too late already!  There will be continual preaching and teaching coming from this man’s laptop.  There will be continual efforts in reaching you, admonishing you, cautioning you to make the choice to keep God’s Sabbath now and throughout the rest of this world’s time because when you make the choice to be on the safe side with the government, with the Roman Catholic Church, then already you have received the “mark of the beast” whether you attend church on Sunday or not, (the hand), or whether you believe it or not (the forehead).

What will you do?

May 20, 2017