I was perhaps the most famous of all the Disciples.  I, too, was chosen to separate myself from my worldly exploits and come join this stranger who performed miracles, spoke profound words and changed the lives of many.  I was passing by when I heard Him speaking.  The way He demonstrated love and the tenderness of His correction touched my heart.  You cannot imagine my surprise when He drew closer to Me and said, “Follow Me”, and I did.

At first, I was filled with apprehension, but I thought, “Why not?”  He already had several others who were grouped around Him and assisted Him.  There was something about this Man which stood out as not being like any other.  I knew Him to be the Son of God.

One day I received great honor as we were sent out by twos.  Me and another went into a city and preached just like our Master did.  We, too, were amazed how the people came and listened, and you can imagine our surprise when we touched some, prayed for others and they were healed of their sicknesses and diseases.  My own faith was increased and never before had I felt such alive, such reviving within myself and hope I, too, could be someone better than I was.  People loved me, respected me and I excelled where before I failed miserably and it was all because of my association with this Man called Christ.

I learned a tragic lesson because of my association with Him.  He said it so eloquently, and I knew He was talking about me.  It didn’t matter what I did or did not do.  I was a part of His special group, an apostle even and although I tried and it appeared to others I did, there was something about me which was just not right.  I could not accept all that He wanted me to accept.  I don’t know if it was a particular teaching or if there was something within me I would not give up, but I believed as long as I associated myself, with Him, everything would be okay.  I was wrong.

You see, I learned about myself and perhaps you will learn this about yourself, just because you associate with Christ, learn of Christ, follow Christ, your whole heart may not be with Christ.  You may not sell Him for thirty pieces of silver as I did, but you might sell Him out for not doing what He has asked you to do.  You may sell Him out by disregarding His Commandment when He asks you to “Remember the seventh day to keep it holy, the Sabbath”.  Think about it, I sold Christ into death for mere pieces of silver and you’re selling your own opportunity for eternal life for 24 hours!

You’re just as bad, if not worse, than I am! I had three years, you had more and still didn’t get it right!


February 18, 2016