I often hear or see posted, “Do you believe your church is the only one given the truth?”  And sadly what I do not hear in response is a direct stand taken.  And, there should be.  There are poor answers such as, “Of course not, but we…”, or “We’re only human, too”, and “Well, God loves us all…”, but few will proudly take the stand, “God’s “remnant” church, the Seventh Day Adventist Church HAS been given the light for today and our duty is to disperse this light for all those who wished to be saved.”

Definitive.  Sound.  Exact.  Not fearful.

Either we have it, or we don’t.  Either you have it, or you don’t.  What good is a “witness” if the witness doesn’t believe in the testimony?  It is not a matter of pride, but a matter of believing, having faith, what God has given you, He’s given you.  There can be no shadow of turning, no shame associated for we are fully aware of the text which states if we are ashamed of Him, He will be ashamed to witness on our behalf to the Father, and this is not what we would desire.

Let me say this:  “Despite my insecurities, faults, sins and failures, it doesn’t detract from the truth.”  Truth is not diminished because of the messenger.  In fact, someone we might consider as being all “messed up”, if it is truth coming from that broken man, or woman, it is truth none the less.  Truth does not have to be confirmed or justified.  Truth does not stand in shame or cower in a corner.  Truth doesn’t stumble over itself in being, well, truth.  It stands alone, if necessary and will not be lonely because having a roomful of people who are not about truth will not bring truth comfort or company.  With you or without you, truth just “is”.

Let me also be honest:  “Sometimes I wonder where some of the things I write or say come from.  When I separate myself from what has been written, done or explained, I KNOW it is something within me which has spoken to provide my lack and I am learning at the same time as I hear it depart from me.  This is what truth will do for you.  It can use you no matter how disgusting others might see you.  No matter what others think of you, when you have given truth, they can do either one of two things:  accept or reject, but it doesn’t change to fit the time and place.  The Ten Commandments are truth.  Each one of those precepts stands alone and together regardless of time, events or challenges.  There are those who believe covenants have an effect on truth.  They believe there are different stages of truth.  They believe truth is changed, compromised and can be destroyed, but they are wrong.  Truth is eternal because God is truth and as He said, not me, “I change not!”

I can see why Jesus was not fearful, nor ashamed to stand against the tide when it appeared He was all alone.  I can see why He was able to stand in the judgment hall of Pilot and Herod and still remain firm despite the appearance and perception of others.  He was the embodiment of truth.  Yet, Pilot was not able to see it although he was able to question it.

The same should be with our faith, our belief.  Either the Seventh Day Adventist Church is the last movement of God before the end of this world, or, it is not.  Either the Seventh Day Adventist Church has been given the light for this time and that to come, or it has not.  While Jesus may be the way, He’s given a guide, the Holy Spirit, who has given THIS church truth, and it will stand no matter, because even the gates of hell will not prevail.



March 13, 2016