While reading my morning’s devotion, I came across this quotation:

“He was set for the defense of the church. He was to watch for souls as one that must render account to God, and should he not take notice of the reports concerning their state of anarchy and division? Most assuredly; and the reproof he sent them was written just as much under the inspiration of the Spirit of God as were any of his epistles. But when these reproofs came, some would not be corrected. They took the position that God had not spoken to them through Paul, that he had merely given them his opinion as a man, and they regarded their own judgment as good as that of Paul. So it is with many among our people who have drifted away from the old landmarks and who have followed their own understanding.” [Testimonies for the Church 5:65, 66 (1882).] {5T 684.3}

I’m becoming more and more convinced, because of the recent developments within the Seventh Day Adventist Church, in correlation with the Spirit of Prophecy being so easily available, the more it is so, the less correspondingly our people read it!  There are those who believe, “The Bible and the Bible only”.  Well, if this were the case, why did God give the Remnant Church the Spirit of Prophecy?  One doesn’t cancel the other but are in support of the other.  In fact, it was one of the characteristic signs to show which church is His out of all the churches in the world.

Sadly, what is occurring today is when one doesn’t see a direct word from both, they believe it gives them license to do what they want.  So many want a “thus saith the Lord” or even a “thus saith Mrs. White”, and since neither is available it becomes a “thus saith myself”!  And, this can never be.  We know for a doubt, it is the same Spirit who spoke to the authors of the Bible who has spoken to the author of the Spirit of Prophecy, making them equitable, but what spirit is speaking to you?  It is my belief all we need, is already found in what has been given, but unless you READ and have a full contextual understanding of what has been written and given already, many of the choices we’re seeing today would not exist.  They didn’t exist thirty or even forty years ago, so why today?  It goes back to being the neglect to read.

Let’s be upfront.  How many of you read even one chapter of Scripture today?  How many of you read one chapter of the Spirit of Prophecy writings?  I believe if you answer honestly, you will discover the answer.  So, there is no doubt many are now going about wanting their own agenda, and for what purpose?  It certainly would not fit in with what God is doing because you’re not being led by God, no matter how purposeful you might believe your ideology is.  Many, I have come up against, want to debate when I mention age and the amount of times I have read both.  It doesn’t surprise me because when I was their age I thought I knew it all, too!  However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize I didn’t know as much as I thought I did, but this comes from beginning to know!  And age DOES have a purpose and valid reasoning, perhaps this is why God instructed the youth to “bow” to the hoary head.  The old adage is true, “I’ve been where you are going, why must you travel the road I’ve been when you can benefit from my experience?  Why must my faults and departures from the light becomes yours?”

The division we’re finding within the church is indicative of one thing:  there are divisions within the individual.  There are too many voices speaking within your conscious and you fail to heed to the One who speaks truth because you haven’t read to develop knowledge.  Stop dividing your “self” and our church!

July 8, 2015


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