Matthew Henry states, “Divine commands must be construed so as to agree with each other.” And this is a foremost truth which needs to be considered when reading the Scriptures.

What is interesting is hearing various faiths present the seemingly conflict between the Mosaic law and that of the Ten Commandments.  As if one conflicts with the other.  Weren’t they both given by God?  Then how could they conflict?  EVER!

God has specifically shared with us Who He Is?  He’s “GOD” and He “CHANGES” not.  Therefore, He does not change what He tells us because it is told to us in perfection which need not ever change.  He does direct us in ordinances which represent a truth and they remain until the Truth arrives to which they pointed.  So, for example:  One cannot say God has instructed us not to eat pork and then claim God later said “all meat” is good for eating.  That’s a contradiction and could never be attributable to God but to our improper thinking.  The same regarding the Sabbath Day.  God could not in one place make the seventh day holy and then later change it to the first day of the week.  I would not want to serve that kind of God because I’ve been known to be confused and not able to make up my mind, but the God I serve is clear, concise and certain EVERYTIME He speaks!

It needs to be understood what Moses wrote and God spoke does not conflict with each other.  They both go hand in hand and secondly, what Moses wrote, God spoke, or inspired for him to write so Moses didn’t give us anything which did not come from God!  So, why do many Christians believe differently?

Like Christ said, “From the beginning it was not so, but because of the hardness of your heart Moses allowed it.”  We need to go back and research and find what it is God has told us and then determine in our minds to do so without regard for our passions, wants and desires.  Whenever we consult these, we will find ourselves in direct contrast with God and this is not a desirable state to be in.

Find the balance between God, His Word and your heart!

December 14, 2015

Divine Command