Ever had this happen to you? You’re speaking with a friend on your mobile or even the “trusty” landline when all of a sudden there is no response from the other side? And, it doesn’t matter how long you wait, or even speak into the phone, there is no response. The same occurs with our relationship with God.

I like the following quotation:

“Disconnect the Law and the Gospel?—The enemy has ever labored to disconnect the Law and the Gospel. They go hand in hand (Manuscript 11, 1893).”

There are so many of God’s children still talking into a phone where the connection has been broken! So many who continue to talk and wait, and wait because they believe something good will come from the “disconnect” and so they live their lives, their worship experience, believing through the disconnect, they will somehow be connected!

You need both: the “Law (Ten Commandments) and the Gospel” in order to have a full connection between you and God. When you do away with either one, then comes a disconnection and no matter how much you believe, desire or want, there will never been an absolute channel of truth or even love which will flow between the two parties.

While this is true, too: The Ten Commandments cannot save you without the Gospel, the Gospel cannot save you without the Ten Commandments!

You need both.

Get connected!


November 8, 2016