Some time back, I determined to read as much material as I could find about the “Great Disappointment of 1844”.  I wanted to feel, as humanly possible, the feelings they felt.  The embarrassment and shame and scornful treatment.  This paragraph comes to about as close as possible and I’d like to share it with you:

Disappointed, but not Discouraged

“Those who passed through this trying scene said of it: “We were perplexed and disappointed, yet did not renounce our faith. We felt that we had done our duty; we had lived up to our precious faith; we were disappointed, but not discouraged. We needed unbounded patience, for the scoffers were many. We were frequently greeted by scornful allusions to our former disappointment. ‘You have not gone up yet; when do you expect to go up?’ and similar sarcasms were often vented upon us by our worldly acquaintances, and even by some professed Christians, who accepted the Bible, yet failed to learn its great and important truths. Mortality still clung to us; the effects of the curse were all around us. It was hard to take up the vexing cares of life that we thought had been laid down forever.” (Taken from “The Second Great Advent Movement – It’s Rise and Progress”, page 187.)

It is the sentence within the paragraph which spoke volumes, to me, and the inspiration behind this post:

“…and even by some professed Christians, who accepted the Bible, yet failed to learn its great and important truths.”


And we’re seeing the same today.

What took place then is setting itself up to take place now, as they say, “One mo ‘gin”.  How many times have you seen your friend’s posts or comments regarding the disavowal of God’s Law the Ten Commandments?  How many times have your read their attempts to explain “grace” and have completely missed the mark, yet they can justify their beliefs having twisted, the Bible’s definition of “wresting” Scriptures?  They’re church membership card-carrying Christians, with a “minor” on Scripture thinking they’re majoring, believing “love” overrules everything, when they fail to realize “sin” is a very real substance of life and even in God’s love He cannot overrule sin if it is something we continue to practice, justify and accept as truth!

I have one friend who is a staunch believer since William Miller erred in his interpretation therefore the whole system of Adventism is in error despite the beautiful truth which came out of that period which helped to explain the Sanctuary service.  We know NOW, looking back at that time, they and everybody else could be thankful they erred because had Christ come back, even they were unprepared as pertaining the Commandments and God had to get their focus on one more point, the Sabbath, which became the guide and preparative beginning in 1846 which would then have them in full compliance—which we teach today.  Out of a mistake came truth, which could never be said about sin ever producing truth!

Therefore, my message for today, if you care to receive it, although you might experience disappointment in your witness to others, do not be discouraged.  Continue living up to all the knowledge you have because the Holy Spirit is still guiding to all truth, no matter how many choose to live outside He’s leadership.  There will be a time, my friends, when those Bible-carrying-non-reading people will come to us and ask, “Teach us for we don’t know” and because they were able to acknowledge they didn’t know will be ready to learn before it is too late.


September 17, 2016