“The mildest test was given them that could be given; for there was no need of their eating of the forbidden tree; everything that their wants required had been provided.” (The Bible Echo, July 24, 1899).

This seems to be the same story which is repeated over and over and over again.  How many of us continue to make the same error in judgment when it comes to our own desires and wants?  Adam and Eve didn’t need that piece of fruit.  As a result of having, needing to have what they didn’t need to have cost them.  Cost us.

One of my favorite songs, a sad one, by Whitney Houston is entitled, “Didn’t We Almost Have It All”.  I could imagine the first night sleeping outside their Garden home, which they held the title, now lost, I can imagine in my mind’s eye, Eve looking over at Adam and singing this song.  They had it all.  But because they thought they hadn’t have it all, they lost it all, just like Whitney!  But, the story isn’t about Whitney, Adam or Eve.  It’s about you and me.

How many want another man or woman, when you already have a spouse?  How many of you want another house?  A car when you already have one which perfectly satisfies the need to get to where you’re going, but you want it.  Another one.  How many of you have enough children but want one more and don’t know how you will provide for this one barely making ends meet with the ones you have?  What makes us not “content” with what we already have?  What God has graciously blessed us with already?

Didn’t we have it all already?  So why stress over that one thing which wouldn’t make a real difference in our lives?

Be careful.  Adam and Eve aren’t eating fruit anymore.  Whitney has stopped singing.  What will be the end result of you?


January 28, 2015


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