The Bible.

It is interesting, to me, the many times I’m hearing from people discussing the, excuse me, “THE” Bible, the phrase, “man wrote it”, or “It was mis-translated and it should be…”, etc.  Let me make something clear, although I believe the other translations are good—in part, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the King James Version.  When the day comes when we cannot believe it is without fault, inerrant and not complete, then we’ve lost our connection because what God has determined to be His “Word” for us today, is no more of value than some novel you can purchase in your local bookstore!

The first question posed to our parents, by the enemy, was: “Did God say…” already putting a spin on truth.  When we begin to question what God said, we are putting ourselves on dangerous ground.  One of the major problems Christians have is this:  if you have not read (red) the Bible, you would be better off waiting until you have before you go explaining what it is God “hath” said.  I did not say, “reading” the Bible, I said having “read” it completely and in its entirety.  As an author, should you read one of my books and you know me and have a question, what would be the likely source of getting your question answered?  Your pastor, friend down the street, classmate or family member?  I would hope neither would be the answer, but “me”!  I wrote it, so would it not make sense to ask me what it is I meant when I wrote it?  The same with Scripture today.  We spend so much time in these groups, on various pages spending a lot of time spinning wheels and never getting anything accomplished and the reason why is you have not accomplished reading it for yourself, listening to others, not doing any research, omitting the guidance of the Holy Spirit who was the One who gave it in the first place!

Ask God! 

Some of you are using corrupt versions of the Bible and will state emphatically, “It is easier to read…” and while I agree with you, my question to you would be, but do you understand what you’re getting, or not getting?  Well, you wouldn’t because you hadn’t read the true source.  Oh please, let’s not get entangled and convolute things by stating it was written in the “Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew”.  The same God who made it easy to understand on the Day of Pentecost is the same God who is looking over your shoulder waiting for you to ask Him to clarify a particular verse.  The Holy Spirit’s job is to “guide” one into “all” truth, not “some” but all.  The reason why we have so much conflict regarding understanding Scripture is we’re too busy trying to prove what we believe instead of believing what it says.  One can twist and wrest meanings in a simple sentence and no doubt because your “father of lies” is a master of it!

Either you are accepting of truth or you are not!  Either you have the true understanding or you don’t.  Truth stands alone and does not need to be argued or debated.  When someone asks me a question, I give them truth.  Whether they accept it or not is not my problem.  Someone once asked me once a question, and I answered it.  Then they began to explain their belief and I had to stop them and simply let them know, “Brother, you asked me a question and I answered it.  I don’t recall my asking you to explain your belief!”  The conversation had been concluded and I needed to make him aware because if you’re going to ask me a question and have already your answer knowing what I am going to say, well, you could have been having this conversation without me because it would not matter what I said!

God has made His Word clear to those who want honest and pure truth.  If there is a question regarding the Word, it is not the Word which should be questioned but your understanding.  If you are reading bits and pieces, a chapter here and a chapter there, and you have not read the entire Book in the way it is handed to you, as a regular book, no wonder you are filled with questions.  You cannot possibly get the context of the text.

Makes you wonder why the very first words of the Bible are:

“In the beginning, God…”

Make this your beginning, too!  Both, in the beginning of the Book and with God as your guide.

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March 20, 2016