My first experience with “branding” comes by association with cigarettes!  I had my first puffs at the age of 4, which I still remember vividly, by a friend of my mother, if you could call her that.  Two years later, I would seek out getting them on my own.  Smoked occasionally during my elementary years and began buying them by age 11.  Was full-blown addicted by age 16 and it was acknowledged by my mother, who gave me permission to smoke as long as I was outside the house.  By the time I was 21, a three pack a day habit, I quit, cold turkey.  It never made sense, to me, those who would “fight than switch” for their particular brand when R.J. Reynolds made the majority of them, at the time.  So, whether you were a “Pall Mall” or “Camel” smoker, they were the same and from the same company.

The same goes for automobiles.  Whether you prefer Cadillac or Buick, you still bought from the same company.  I’ve own two in my time, a 1988 Sedan de Ville or 1968 Electra 225, both beautiful cars, made differently, but burned the same gas, took me to the same places, and for intents and purposes, were the same car!

The same could be said for sports.  Now, I’m not a fan of sports, but if I were to be the “Sport Manager”, I would have ONLY those persons born in those particular states to play for those particular teams.  No transfers!  But, since they can move about as free agents, playing for the various teams, they’re like “brands” doing the same thing, different uniform, but all playing for the same bragging rights and trophies and what makes it even more idiotic, to me, is you have people willing to spend money, fuss and fight, waste hours upon hours watching and discussing “branding” which all result in the same thing.  America’s past-time is America’s waste-time.

The devil has his own brands, too, and the funny thing is, those who don’t want to be associated with him, claim themselves to be other than him, calling themselves Christian, while he sits back and grin.  I hear people debate among each other how they don’t observe Halloween, yet they observe Christmas and/or Easter.  Then, there is the fringe who observe so-called St. Valentine’s Day.  Yet, all of these pagan holidays all come from the same “religious” source, Catholicism, which got their beginnings from an infusion of pagan beliefs and Christianity.  They can all fight among themselves who is better, whether Baptist, Holiness or Pentecostal.  Then throw in the Methodist, Presbyterian and Lutheran.  Never mind all the “mom & pop” brands of churches which occupy storefronts or their own building but not a part of the greater conventional known named denominations, but yet alas, they’re all from the same “maker” and I ain’t talking about Christ!

I have several containers sitting with nuts to be eaten.  My favorites being cashews and pistachios.  I even have two others containing “Deluxe” as well as one which the “Deluxe” took out, the peanut, and yet they will be eaten slowly all for one reason only:  The name on the containers ain’t “Planters”!  And everybody knows Planters make the best nuts, although they all come from the same tree, don’t they?

The point is, God DOES have a “true” church, a “true” doctrine, a “true” message for these endtimes and the more we get involved and defending “brands” we’ll all miss the point! I would suggest we all get away from customs and traditions, get back to wholesome Bible reading and believing, and learn how to distinguish from the brands the Devil would have given us thinking we got something when actually, we don’t!



November 12, 2015