Oh, what a word!  While completing my morning’s devotions, well, it’s now turned into my “afternoon’s devotion” at this point of the day, I read a statement which had such a sobering effect on me, regarding this word:  Depart…from Me…

The impression it made upon me was if I should hear this word, there is no second chance.  This is the time of probation we’re living in today.  This is the time for us to be getting it right.  Yes, while God is a loving God and a forgiving God, He is not an “ever-forgiving” God.  At some point He stops forgiving and allows us to fall away into our own ruin, which we have chosen for ourselves.  When Christ leaves the position as our “Advocate” and puts on His Kingly garb, it’s over!  Just as the Bible says in Revelation 22, “whatever is filthy be filthy still…”  I know I’m filthy, but I don’t desire to be “filthy still…”  Thankfully, Probation is still open for me, but it may soon close.

I’m sorry, but I cannot walk about freely as if there’s nothing wrong.  I don’t want to be one of those who “thinks I have no need of anything” and “everything is alright.”  I’ve learned to stop playing games with my self.  These are serious times, even moments, we are living.  How many of you bothered to even crack the book today and read a text?  How many of you bothered to pray, requesting and receiving forgiveness for something which occurred in your day?  I’m in the midst of my day currently, but how do I know I will even finish this sentence as I’m typing it?  My breath could have stopped at this moment and I will not know anything.  It will be left what some of you who know me will say at my departing of this life, but one thing I do know, at this moment, I NEVER, EVER want to hear Christ say to me:  Depart from Me, I never knew you!”


August 6, 2014


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